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EA changes its mind: The Sims 4 My Wedding Pack will also be released in Russia

The community of The Sims 4 was in shock when EA announced that the upcoming expansion for i matrimoni queer-friendly of the game it would not be released in Russia due to the nation’s homophobic federal laws. Recently, however, the publisher he changed his mind.

My Wedding Pack will also be released in Russia and will remain “unaltered and unchanged”. Let’s find out the details together.

The Sims 4 My Wedding Pack also arrives in Russia unaltered

As first reported by VICE, the Sims development team said, “We’ve reevaluated our options and realized we can do more than we initially thought.” Since the studio has decided to release My Wedding Pack in Russiathe global game pack launch date has been moved from February 17 to February 23. EA promised that the game content it would not have been modified for the Russian edition.

My Wedding Pack is one of the latest in The Sims 4. The Game Pack allows players to to plan ed to execute weddings for their Sims. The package’s marketing campaign was heavily focused on Cameron e Dominique.

Previously, EA Maxis had decided not to release the package in Russia due to theinclusion of the expansion of same-sex marriages. The study believed that the Russian federal laws they would have forced to change the content of the expansion. These fears they are not entirely unfounded.

Russia has had a “gay propaganda law” since 2013, which it enforces many to give information about “non-traditional” relationships to children, portraying such relationships as attractiveor by affirming the equality between “traditional and non-traditional sexual relations”.

The classification committee of Russia classified The Sims 4 as a game for adults only. These laws have prompted other companies like Blizzard, for example, to remove queer content to stay compliant.

Before the reverse of EA, The Sims community she was agitated by the decision of the company not to release the expansion in Russia. Several content creators have planned to withhold content either boycott expansion to put public pressure on EA. In the letter announcing the change, SHE said he had “listened to the outpouring of sentiments from our community” and said: “It is equally important for us to uphold our values, including the fight against homophobia, and to share stories like this with those who want and have them. more need “.

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