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How to create an avatar with Facebook Messenger

The virtual avatars are among the most interesting innovations launched by Meta in recent weeks. Waiting for the metaverse, in fact, the company offers users the possibility of using them on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. And even if for the moment the use of avatars is limited only to the display of images and stickers, this is enough to ensure the entertainment of users. If you want to have fun creating your best virtual version, then, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Let’s see then how to create an avatar using an App known as that of Facebook Messenger.

Create an avatar on Facebook Messenger: here’s how

First of all, let’s immediately specify one thing: to create an avatar on Facebook Messenger it is important that the application is installed on your iOS or Android device. If not, the first step is to take download and install the App on your smartphone or tablet. Once done, you just need to open the application on the device to start creating your “virtual self”. As? Open the “Settings” tapping the icon at the top left and then swipe down to select the “Avatar” item. And then click on “Create your avatar” to begin the process that will allow you to customize your avatar as you prefer.

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The option allows users to select skin color, face shape, eye and hair details, outfit and much more. In short, all those features that make the avatar the perfect representation of yourself in the virtual world. Once this process is complete, if you are satisfied with the result, it is enough for you click on “Finish” to see your avatar created. At this point, Facebook will ask you if you want to use it as a temporary profile picture. If you feel ready to show it to the people of the Net, then, please click on “Try it”. But if you’d rather keep your creation to yourself, just skip this step – knowing that the fun part of creating an avatar is showing it to friends! -.

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But that’s not all. The Facebook Messenger App offers you different ways of use of your avatar, which are certainly not limited to the sole possibility of setting it as a profile picture. You can use it as a sticker, or pose and take a picture to show to your followers. Or again modify it to your liking. As? Following more or less the same path that we showed you to create the avatar. By opening the Settings panel and selecting the “Avatar” item, you can then choose the “Edit avatar” option to change your hair color or your outfit. At this point, therefore, you have all the useful information to create your virtual character on Facebook Messenger. Ready to get started?

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