EA goes all digital: stop physical copies of games in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

EA goes all digital: stop physical copies of games in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

The future of video games is increasingly digital: Eelectronic Arts (EA) – developer and publisher of popular video game franchises such as FIFA, The Sims and Need for Speed, announced today that will stop selling physical copies in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. An important decision that underlines the market trend towards digital copies and subscription services (such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus). It is no coincidence that the company has been launching its service for years EA Play (included in the Game Pass catalog).

“The ongoing shift from physical products to digital downloads continues to have a negative impact on sales development,” reads a recent financial report from the company’s German division.

EA: no more physics on the shelves

Following the announcement the company said it expects a significant drop in sales for fiscal year 2022/2023. Despite this negative forecast, EA has announced that it will not close its branches in the affected territories. In particular, the focus is on the German offices of the company, where the video games of the FIFA franchise are translated for the various European markets.

In addition to those already mentioned some of the most popular Electronic Arts titles include Battlefield, F1, Madden and Apex Legends. “With the FIFA Ultimate Team Trading Card Packs alone, the publisher made money more than $ 1.6 billion last year“Reads the report, which then continues:

“EA’s European headquarters are now facing profound changes. Electronic Arts GmbH, based in Rheinauhafen, Cologne, employs around 100 people who, in addition to the German market, also deal with Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Therefore, an ‘economic restructuring’ was initiated: contracts with local resellers had already been terminated in May 2022. After the restructuring Electronic Arts will no longer generate sales with physical products in German-speaking countries. As a result, EA already expects a significant drop in sales in the current financial year 2022/23 ”.

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