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Herman Miller and Logitech G present the new Vantum

Herman Miller and Logitech G present the all-new Vantum, the gaming chair designed for competition

From the collaboration between Herman Miller (here for more info) and the Logitech G the new one is born Vantum. The unique design of this new gaming chair favors versatility and comfort. Furthermore, offering all players an ideal chair both for moments of maximum concentration and for moments of pure and absolute relaxation.

Details on the new Vantum gaming chair

Herman Miller, in partnership with Logitech G, today unveiled its new high-performance gaming chair, Vantum This gamer chair is all about versatility and adaptability and built specifically for pure gaming. Vantum remains true to the spirit of innovation inherent in the partnership between Herman Miller and Logitech G. Providing players with the right level of support in various game modes to increase comfort, focus and endurance, whether in play or pause.

Herman Miller and Logitech G present the new Vantum

Statements regarding the new Vantum gaming chair

As a performance-focused brand, our ultimate ambition is to unlock the potential of every player. This through thoughtful solutions and research that solve problems, produce results and allow for significant changes at every level of the game,

he claims Jon Campbell, General Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller. Which then goes on, declaring:

The Vantum Gaming Chair is our response to the community’s demand to get more out of our partnership. It offers the same advanced ergonomics, unmatched quality and charm of the original Embody Gaming Chair. But now with more color options and a more affordable price.

Aron DrayerHead of Marketing Partnerships at Logitech G, stated that:

For the past 3 years, Logitech G and Herman Miller have collaborated with a common vision of providing gamers with ergonomic, high-performance design solutions. We are thrilled to move to the next stage of our partnership with this memorable product,

who then continued, stating:

Together with Herman Miller, our shared passion and willingness to offer players the very best have continued to push our creativity and experience forward, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce Vantum to the community.


La Vantum Gaming Chair supports active forward posturea position which, as has been shown, promotes concentration and reaction times. These are two factors that play a crucial role when playing. To achieve this, Vantum has been designed to proactively position users in an active / standing position as they sit down. This by exploiting an adapted seat cushion e PostureFitwhich provides adjustable support to the lower back and strengthens the pelvis, preventing the risk of slipping and fatigue.

Herman Miller and Logitech G present the new Vantum


To further help players make sure they are in the correct position, the tilt adjustments are accompanied by numerical feedback. This allows players to easily identify and recall their preferred settings. One of the new design features of Vantum is the presence of a headrest. When not in the active playing position, the adjustable headrest offers players maximum comfort. Properly supporting the area where the base of the head meets the spine. This mechanism exerts little or no direct pressure on the neck, allowing players to relax with ease.

One of the elements that our teams have noticed during the research is that players need versatility,

he claims Campbell.

An active and strong posture is essential for the game, but having an equally supported and reclined position for moments of relaxation is essential for modern players who not only play, but watch streams and movies, chat with friends, participate in virtual events or just need a moment to relax after a tough match.

To further support the reclined position, Vantum is the first gaming chair to offer a chest support pad. This is to adequately support the upper back, neck and head when in a relaxed position. The headrest and chest support work together to ensure you can relieve pressure build-up and regain focus when needed. Especially when during long gaming sessions.


Whether the player is in an upright position immersed in an intense game, or leaning back in a moment of rest or in an intermediate position, there is no difference. The pillow flexible Vantum offers comfort and support distributing pressure appropriately in response to any posture, promoting balance and circulation. The seat upholstery is made from 100% high-performance post-consumer recycled fabric.

Checks and reviews

As for the final look of the chair, the Vantum Gaming Chair was subjected to numerous revisions. This is to ensure that players’ needs were prioritized in both aesthetics and appearance.

This project started with the challenge of deconstructing the essence of a gaming chair,

dice Campbell.

How do you make a chair feel alive and active, not slow and sedentary? How do you visually communicate, through colors and emotions, what the technology and architecture of the product are intended to do ?.

The end result is a chair expressive and bold, which visually and physically cradles the user and at the same time offers technical support. Visually light, fluid and sculptural, the Vantum Gaming Chair perfectly combines comfort, support and competition for the modern gamer. The chair can then be further customized as it is available in three bright colors: Polar, Flare and Obsidian.

Price and availability of the new Vantum gaming chair

The Vantum Gaming Chair is now available at a price of € 1,298.00. Like the rest of the range, Vantum has been rigorously tested and built to last, with one 12 year warranty. The chair is made from durable and sustainable materials, including die-cast aluminum and glass-filled nylon. Vantum is available for purchase at Herman Miller retail stores and at hermanmiller.com/gaming.

And you? What do you think of this new one Vantum Gaming Chair ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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