EA Play Live 2021 Apex Legends: presentata Emergence, la season 10!

During the EA Play Live 2021 that is taking place at the moment, Electronic Arts has also made way for the new season of Apex Legends, called Emergence

The rise and popularity of Apex Legends continues, which together with Fortnite, Valorant, Warzone and many others has the ability to instantly channel the attention of the public when it comes to updates and news. In recent days, through a trailer for “Stories of the Frontier” entitled Metamorphosis, Respawn Entertainment has presented to the world the new Legend, Seer, which will be added to the roster when Season 10. Emergence, this is the title of the new seasonal content, will arrive via update on August 3rd and, as always, it promises great things in terms of content.

Apex Legends on the stage of the EA Play Live 2021: new details on Seer and Emergence!

During the EA Play Live 2021, Electronic Arts has unveiled an exciting new trailer about Emergence, the new season of Apex Legends. We see the new legend, Seer, at work, making a clean sweep of most of the other legends. From the video you can also guess what they are Seer’s ability which will complete the roster of heroes present in the title. The desire to modify and always make the gameplay dynamic is the order of the day at Respawn. Here is the trailer:

Furthermore, with this new season, the ranked matches in arena mode and, to add more meat to the fire and to the world of competitive will think the possibility for players console to compete in major tournaments. A gameplay of the new season dedicated to Seer will arrive on July 26, 2021! What do you think of the new details on Apex Legends season 10 shown during this EA Play Live 2021? Write it to us below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news, guides and reviews on videogame and tech!

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