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EA: signed the partnership with Marvel for 3 new games

EA and Marvel have signed an important agreement for the production of new games and according to some rumors it will be three titles

A little over a month ago, EA e Marvel Games have announced their partnership to develop a single player action and adventure title. The game in question is expected to see Iron Man as the protagonist and will be directed by Motive Studio, the team behind the upcoming Dead Space remake. At the time, EA had stated that the Iron Man project would be the first of several new ones games made in collaboration with Marvel and now the news has been further confirmed via an official announcement.

EA: for now no details on the new Marvel licensed games

Yes: Marvel Games and EA have officially announced a “multi-title” collaboration that will see them involved in the development of action and adventure games for computers and consoles, with each title telling the original unreleased stories. The announcement of the two production houses does not include many details on the identity of the productions in question, but according to a report published by Bloomberg, the agreement between the two companies concerns at least three games.

EA: signed the partnership with Marvel for 3 new games

One such title is, of course, the aforementioned Iron Man project. Meanwhile, rumors leaked earlier this year suggested that EA also has a single-player open world game on Black Panther in the works. It remains to be seen what the third title could be, although it seems confident that it will be another single-player AAA title.

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