EA Sports FC 24: leak of the player on the cover

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Net shot by billbil-kun: new leak from the reliable insider about the footballer on the cover of the awaited EA Sports FC 24

In fact of leakthe prolific car car-only has already proven itself in the past and will probably do the same with the footballer on the cover which will accompany EA Sports FC 24 on the shelves. The first football title from Electronic Arts after the divorce from the FIFA license is still shrouded in mystery, but the halo is about to dissipate. In the case of FIFA 21, FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 the goalscorer of Paris Saint-Germain Kylian Mbappe he has accustomed us to associate his name with the simulation of the dear old fùtbol, ​​but not this time. Or at least, not in the case of the Standard edition. This time we switch to a different team, as told in this “last report” by billbil-kun.

Who’s on the cover: all about the EA Sports FC 24 leak and the protagonist footballer

On day one, the face of EA Sports FC 24 will wear the colors of the Manchester Citywith the features of Erling Haaland, in the case of the Standard edition. The image was not shared by the leaker due to copyright reasons, but we know of be able to imagine it with the player “in a Champions League match, about to shoot with an outstretched arm”. We will also see him on the cover of theUltimate Editionin the company of another thirty gunners (and gunboats) of the present and the past. According to the insider, among them are names of the caliber of Vinicius Jr., Son Heung-Min, Sam Kerr, Zinedine Zidane, Johann Cruff and even the unforgettable Pele. As in the FIFA series, early access is provided (by purchasing the most expensive version), in this case a week in advance. Day one, according to the leaks, is set for September 29th. We should know more about the game this month.

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