EA Sports FC 24: the best goalkeepers

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In this series of articles we will find out who the best players are in FC 24 role by role, now it’s the goalkeepers’ turn. Enough chatter and let’s take to the field with these champions

The world of virtual football has always fascinated video game enthusiasts, offering the opportunity to experience epic emotions and challenges on the playing field directly from the sofa at home. In the new magical world of EA Sports FC 24 we’ll find out what they are best goalkeepers. EA Sports FC 24 has been available for a few days for those who have purchased it Deluxe Editionwhile for those who want to purchase the standard version they will just have to wait Friday 29 September to be able to take the field together with your favorite champions!

EA Sports FC 24: the best goalkeepers

Shutters and miracles, the best goalkeepers of EA Sports FC 24

Before showing you the list of the best goalkeepers in EA Sports FC 24 it is right to clarify some details. In this list you will find those who have been gifted dell’overall maggiore and among them you will find both male and female footballersprecisely because, this year, EA decided to break down the gender difference within the game, giving the possibility of women and men coexisting in the same team and it did so in the most played mode: Ultimate Team.

  • Courtois – 90
  • Ter Stegen – 89
  • Alisson – 89
  • Ederson – 88
  • Cloud- 88
  • Endler – 88
  • Maignan – 87
  • Kobel – 87
  • Panos – 87
  • Donnarumma – 87
  • Neuer – 87

There is only one girl present in this list, together with her there are names that are quite simple to hypothesize such as Courtiois and Ter Stegen but, at the same time there are highly experienced players such as Oblak and Ederson who are accompanied by the Milan goalkeeper Maignan, with an enviable 87 overall. Let us know what you think and if you are among those who are already playing FC 24. For further news from the gaming world and beyond, continue to tune in to techgameworld.com. To buy video games at a discount, take a look at Instant Gaming.

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