EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

Torino-Roma: dove vedere la partita?

The stadium changes, but not what you need to know before you go: here’s vital information on EA Sports FC 24 just days before launch

If there’s one thing that Electronic Arts is showing us, it’s not to be afraid of divorce with the good name of the illustrious FIFA license, but puns aside, it’s good know what we’re up against with the solo debut of EA Sports FC 24. Thirty years after the successful videogame debut of the loudest football theme song ever (on consoles like the Mega Drive!), with all the water that has passed under the bridge there is much to talk about for a while. The stadium may be empty, but we have reserved a seat in the stands for you to start off on the right foot. Lace up your shoes and get ready, because it’s… how long, exactly?

Release date and trailer | What to know about EA Sports FC 24

Yes, the first thing you’ll want to know if you’ve been trying to avoid any spoilers about the game (as much as a sports title like EA Sports FC 24 can have them!) is, well, when it comes out. There is no need for trivial suspense about this. This Friday, September 29th, the game will be waiting for us on the shelves, with the handsome face of Erling Haaland (Manchester City) on the cover. Or at least, that’s the case for the standard edition. There Ultimate Edition, for its part, presents scorers in the entire choral context of football, from Pelé to David Beckham. Want to see the game in action? The trailer it’s up here.

EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

Playstyles | What to know about EA Sports FC 24

Let them be called PlayStyles or not, the playing styles they take inspiration from their overseas colleague Madden 23 and its X-Factors. It’s a matter of touches of individuality for each player, from the basic 34 to the “plus” variants which bring the total to 68. The former are marked in blue on the profile, the others in orange. For example, in Manchester we have only one style for Nathan Ake and the beauty of four for Ruben Dias. Depending on the case, as with Kevin de Bruyne’s six styles, you can decide which skill to prioritize. And, why not, confuse online opponents like with Pyra and Mythra’s reversed costumes.

EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

News | What to know about EA Sports FC 24

Let’s move on to the “fat”, what do you think? In general, the gameplay is slower and more “physical” than before. EA Vancouver’s new motion capture system, theHyperMotion Vallowed the team to extrapolate data from 180 real football matches. In other words, if Haaland and Mbappe seem more “alive” than usual, we owe it to technology.”Sapien” developed by the guys at Electronic Arts. If you want to know more, we have dedicated extensive coverage to the game in recent times. We have a complete list of trophies, the official tracklist and, if you prefer events for the sector press, there is also the Clubhouse presentation held in the Lombardy capital.

EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

Ultimate Edition Contents | What to know about EA Sports FC 24

What was (sic) in that Ultimate Edition of the game, whose pre-orders expired on August 22? For one hundred cucuzzi, buyers with a refined palate have secured a Hero Item for the Ultimate Team, to be redeemed on November 27th. This is a UEFA player, non-exchangeable. In addition, seven days of early access (yes, there are those who are already playing it!), 4600 FC points, access to a Nike campaign with attached cosmetics, plus a non-exchangeable Player Item, one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new members, a cover story cosmetic item, an extra playstyle slot, and a 5-star manager career trainer.

EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

Licenses | What to know about EA Sports FC 24

With all this talk about, ahem, surprise mechanics, actual football seems to take a back seat. So, which ones licenses do we have in our hands? We have the Champions League, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Spanish La Liga. Eight teams are confirmed: Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dormund, Toronto FC and Austin FC. Furthermore, EA also made sure that they could give us an in-game reward based on our performance: the Golden Ball, specifically called that, given to us by Andrea Pirlo and Eric Cantona in a cutscene. Women’s football also enjoys six leagues, 74 teams and 1600 players.

EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

Women’s football, cards and promotions | What to know about EA Sports FC 24

After launch in FIFA 09, col women’s soccer Electronic Arts intends to reshuffle the cards on the table. Literally: a Sam Kerr with a 90 rating works in a similar way to a Lionel Messi with the same figures, after all. Not only that, players on the same team can earn extra points for their chemistry, regardless of gender. Dream teams are rewarded, as the new cards also demonstrate Evolution improvable during the season. Playing two games with a goal in each of them, for example, promotes a silver Youssufa Moukoko to the golden rank. Clearly more complex objectives lead to further promotions. Speaking of roles, we can say goodbye to bureaucratic constraints on change of position: Players can now play in different positions without special cards to use!

EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

Career and career manager | What to know about EA Sports FC 24

There is no revolution, however, for the Career mode. The game simply divides into Player career e Manager career. The first adds the golden ball that we mentioned a few lines ago. You can also choose your agent, specifying which team you aim to play for. The second instead includes seven different identities for your club, then choosing the right coach for each. Training regimes allow the player to manage the team in a way suited to the upcoming match, and there is a cutscene to reward whoever takes home the trophy. Of course, we’re not at Football Manager levels yet and the AI ​​will be happy to remind us of that.

EA Sports FC 24: what to know before kick-off

Divorces and disputes

The agreement between EA and FIFA concluded with the 2022 World Cup. Rumors speak of a billion dollars requested by FIFA for a four-year renewal. EA, for its part, prefers to invest in gameplay and features, hence the divorce after a relationship established in 1993. For David Jackson Of EA Sports“In fact of what [i giocatori] will lose, only two things will be noticed: the new name and the World Cup every four years. Beyond that, little will change about what players love about FIFA.” Despite the non-existence of a FIFA 24, Gianni Infantino replies: “I can promise you that the only game with the name FIFA will be the best for football players and lovers”, defining the acronym “a constant that will always remain THE BEST” (capital letters quoted verbatim).

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