EA Sports FC Mobile is finally available!

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EA Sports FC Mobile, the new football title for iOS and Android devices from Electronic Arts, is finally available

The new EA Sports FC 24 will be officially available from this Friday, but apparently this will not be the only great football game of Electronic Arts. In fact, it has been officially available since the 26th EA Sports FC Mobilea new football game for iOS and Android devices.

EA Sports FC Mobile is finally available!

Football is available on smartphones thanks to EA Sports FC Mobile

EA SPORTS FC Mobile offers an authentic and unique football experience on mobile devices. The title presents more than 15,000 licensed players complete, beyond 650 teams and more than 30 championships, including UEFA Champions League, Premier League, LALIGA EA SPORTS, Bundesliga and many more. There True Player Personality it is the fulcrum that creates authenticity in the game, reflecting the characteristics of the players with distinct strengths and weaknesses that diversify the game and team building.

In this title you will also be able to live a more authentic experience thanks to the new one UEFA Champions League Tournament mode. Take control of one of the qualified clubs, play to win the group stage, advance to the knockout stage and compete to lift the trophy in the final!

The additional title also features a large number of game mechanics completely new. There Dynamic Game Speed, which brings balance between defense and dribbling, manifests itself in a composed and mobile-friendly gameplay, giving players more time to make decisions and diversify their playing style. With Elite Shooting System the shot types are crafted to be unique and perfect, each with its own character and objective to put players in a position to score. EA SPORTS FC Mobile also introduces a new level of immersion to command the pitch with new players Impact Controlsfocused on three areas:

  • Power Shot
    • The Power Shot is the most powerful shot type in the game, but with a risk/reward mechanism. The animation duration of a Power Shot is much longer than that of a normal shot and puts the player at risk of being tackled while taking the shot.
  • Hard Tackle
    • Hard Tackles are powerful, sustained tackles that allow players to crush attackers or block a shot at the last second. With Hard Tackle defenders can make faster and more powerful tackles.
  • Knock On
    • Unlock maximum speed when dribbling and break away from defenders or create space to shoot. Knock On and the new Hard Stop have been added to FC Mobile as team skill moves, allowing you to customize direction control to your liking.

EA Sports FC Mobile is finally available!

Visual updates and lots of customization

An immersive gaming experience in EA SPORTS FC Mobile will bring the gaming community closer than ever to the Greatest Game in the World, thanks to new visual and audio updates, including a brand new one broadcast experience with introduction to the match and a wide one camera which reproduces the stadium atmosphere. A host of new set-piece camera options, paired with a Improved audio with dynamic commentary and the chants of the fans, will make the key moments on the pitch unique.

Lo Locker room will give fans more options for customize the team and players based on their preferred style. Options will include adjusting the shirt numbers and the appearance of the most important players, including the length of socks, length of sleeves and overallsto. Elsewhere, in Club Identityfans can add their own personal touch into Ultimate Team choosing it club crest, user logo, ball and emoticons.

Even the whole one user interface has been reworked to reflect the EA Sports FC Mobile branding. From background images to animations, icons and fonts, the visual path will be fresh and modern while the players get excited before taking to the field.

EA Sports FC Mobile is available now for iOS and Android devicesand all players who will access the game between September 26th and November 30ththey will also have the opportunity to win an area game object ambassador from the Founders Pack. If you are interested in staying updated on all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on techgameworld.com. Furthermore, if you want to purchase some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Instant Gaming.

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