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As we well know the franchise of Fifa, which for 30 years has transposed the most popular sport in the world into a video game, has come to an end. The future of that game that began with the iconic phrase “EA Sports it’s in the game”, which for entire generations was “I EI SPORT NNZENEGHEIM”, will have a different name. From 2024 the title will be EA Sports FCafter the end of the partnership between the developer and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA, in fact).

But the name will not be the only big news. Electronic Arts Sports has in fact released a bombastic statement: “the new game will redraw the line between virtual and real football”. Will it be just a phrase to promote the new game or will it be reality? For now we don’t know.

What do we know about EA Sports FC, which will replace Fifa 24

What we do know is that EA Sports spoke about the title during the Nueva Era de La Liga showcase, in which the developer unveiled the tecnologia HyperMotion Vwhich will form the engine behind the player animations.

David Jackson, vice president of EA Sports FC, explained that this technology uses more than 590 million frames captured from real football matches. All of which will lead to what Jackson promises to be “the most advanced game animation the studio has ever created in its history of sports simulations.”

To have a yardstick, just think that 590 million frames will be 80 times the data used to develop Fifa 23. A quantity of information concerning the entire graphic and animation sector, which will help bring the realism of EA Sports FC to levels never seen (and played) before.

“HyperMotion V teaches EA Sports FC’s proprietary machine learning algorithm how to recreate the motion of football in real time, which means the more matches played in FC, the more real the experience becomes,” said Jackson.

EA Sports FC should arrive on the market on September 29, 2023.

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