Threads, to delete the profile you must also delete the Instagram profile

Threads, per eliminare il profilo dovete cancellare anche quello di Instagram thumbnail

ThreadsMeta’s competitor for Twitter, has already accumulated over 10 million signups in just seven hours, according to CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. However, the long-awaited new service has an intriguing clause: deleting a Threads account requires deleting the linked Instagram account as wellwhich is required to access the service.

Threads, to delete the account you must also delete Instagram

In a “Supplementary Privacy Policy,” Meta explains that it is You can deactivate your Threads profile at any time. But to completely delete the Threads profile you need to delete the associated Instagram account.

The rationale behind this clause, according to Meta, lies in the fact that the Threads profile is part of the user’s Instagram account. The discovery of this clause has surprised many users, who have expressed concerns about the possibility of lose access to both services if they decide to delete one of them.

Instagram, the popular platform with over 2 billion users, launched Threads to users this Wednesday. Even if not in Europe, where it seems that Meta still has to resolve some legal issues.

The platform was born as a rival of Twitter, which after the acquisition of Musk has seen many users leave the social network. But it seems to want above all to bind users social. So much so that deleting the Threads account is not possible except by removing the Instagram one. At the moment, Italian users cannot use it yet. But what do you think of this clause? Let us know in the comments.

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