EA ferma la vendita di videogame e FIFA FUT in tutta la Russia thumbnail

EA: stop selling video games and FIFA FUT in Russia

EA stops selling video games and FIFA FUT all over Russia thumbnail

EA also decides to suspend the sales of its video games in Russia. Stop also the buying and selling of FIFA FUT packages throughout the country.

EA against Russia: “Stop sales of video games and FIFA FUT packs”

It was not long in coming Electronic Arts (EA) which consistently with what was announced by Nintendo, Apple and Microsoft decided to stop doing business in Russia. A common decision not only in the gaming world, but also in the music and hi-tech world. EA’s announcement came just a few hours ago: indefinite stop of its video games in Russia and Belarus. A first position taken by the company had arrived in recent days, when FIFA 22 – popular football video game from Electronic Arts – had the Russian national team and clubs banned from the game.

The executives of the brand shared an open letter on the official website, in which they say they are “shocked by the conflict that is taking place in Ukraine”. The company claimed to be close to the Ukrainian people, and joined the chorus that has been asking for peace for more than a week. Instead, below is the passage relating to the stop of sales in Russia:

“Our games and content will no longer be available for purchase in the Russian Origin storefront or on the EA app and related ingame stores. We are also working with our partners to remove all our games and content from the windows of the digital stores of the respective platforms as soon as possible. “A block that therefore also includes microtransactions in the brand’s games, including the purchase and sale of packages FIFA FUT 22.

We also remember that among the EA Sports titles there is also the franchise NHLa particularly popular ice hockey video game in Russia.

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