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Google vs Russia: Roskomnadzor launches an ultimatum to the company

The regular telecommunications body of Russia, the Roskomnadzoris continuing to press the information companies in the West and this time it seems that there is precisely Googleafter the threat to block the whole Wikipedia. According to what was declared by the entity, the reason would be the dissemination of “false information” regarding the “special transaction” in Ukraine.

Russia: threats come to Google

Specifically, Roskomnadzor stated that he had sent a letter to Google, ordering the company to stop immediately spreading false news about the special operation, according to Russians. Clearly Google simply spread gods factual dataor the news regarding the concrete and hardly questionable Russian invasion of Ukraine.

To trigger everything there would be the dissemination of information by the search engine, also through advertising on YouTube within the Russian territory itself, which according to the institution would be: “wrong aimed at forming a distorted perception of the events in progress and creating feelings of protest among the public”, deeming the use of YouTube as a means of propaganda unacceptable.

The Duma is even in the process of enacting a law that punishes the spread of false news on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict with a penalty apparently a 15 years of imprisonment. In any case, given also the already firm stance by Google, it is very unlikely that the company will adapt to Russian requests, aligning itself with all the other global technology companies.

These threats are unlikely to find a foothold in the Western world anyway, as nearly all of the world’s political and economic powers condemn Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. Among other things, the recent sanctions are also starting to have the desired effects, creating enormous economic and social hardships for Vladimir Putin’s nation.

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