Eagle Pictures launches the new Home Video GREEN series with plastic free packaging

Eagle Pictures launches on the market the new Green Box series, Home Video plastic free edition. From 15 September the first four boxes will arrive, enclosed in packaging with a very low environmental impact and in recycled material.

L’Home Video it becomes eco friendly and embraces the principles of environmental responsibility. The film distribution and production company Eagle Pictures has in fact decided to launch on the market Green Box, the first plastic free DVD and Blu-Ray series.

Ecological and recyclable packaging – made by the Lombard company Pozzoli SPA -, capable of drastically reducing transport weights, recycling processes and above all the carbon footprint, the parameter used to estimate gas emissions that contribute to increasing global warming .

Eagle Pictures launches the new Home Video GREEN series with plastic free packaging

Eagle Pictures: the first releases of the Green series

The distribution house has decided to inaugurate this new project through re-editions of some of its greatest hits, alternating great blockbuster to films that have become real cult.

The first four caskets: Twilight – containing 5 DVDs -, the trilogy Hotel Transylvania, Ghostbusters (the two chapters of the 80s and the female reboot of 2016) and finally Apocalypse Now. Three editions of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece will be available, the original 1979, the Redux version and the Final Cut version.

The series will be launched in October instead Ever Green Blu-Ray: from 6 will be available big hits and milestones of cinema such as The Great Cold – published for the first time in this format in Italy -, Home by Sam Raimi, Dune in David Lynch’s version and the most recent The imitation Game.

From 20 October, however, the same series will be released in DVD. Among the titles proposed, masterpieces of the caliber de The pianist by Roman Polanski e Dracula by Bram Stocker by Francis Ford Coppola.

Eagle Pictures launches the new Home Video GREEN series with plastic free packaging

But another series will be launched on October 20 – Art Green DVD -, with the publication of the most beloved documentaries dedicated to the great art of the past such as Secret Impressionists and Maledetto Modigliani.

From November, however, an appointment with Anime Green Blu-Ray, focused on the best of Japanese animated productions. Among the films proposed, the two films by Satoshi Kon, aka Tokyo Godfather, and Paprika – Dreaming of a dream, Final Fantasy – The Spirit Within e Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children.

All packages of the Green Box necklace are made with mixed recycled rigid paper, biodegradable cellophane and bioplastic material (composed of 40% sugar cane). The necklace also got the FSC –  Forest Stewardship Council – internationally recognized certification which certifies the correct forest management and the traceability of derived products.

We just have to wait for the September 15 to start collecting these unmissable products.

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