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Early Black Friday Amazon, here are the best 10 offers for cars and motorcycles

Also this year Amazon launches the Early Black Friday, an advance of the many offers of products at discounted prices that will culminate from November 27 with the official “Black Friday”.

Early Black Friday involves all product categories on the e-commerce giant, and as in the “original” Black Friday there are opportunities not to be missed. With this article we take a look at the top 10 products for the Cars and Motorcycles category that can be purchased at a discounted price.

Early Black Friday, the best 10 products for cars and motorcycles

FENNYCARE Emergency Car Starter, 1500A 16000mAh Portable

Always very useful to have in the car or in the garage is the emergency starter that allows you to restore life to a discharged battery, a problem that could easily arise with winter just around the corner. With a capacity of 16000mah it reaches a peak of 1500A, a feature that allows it to easily start vehicles with a 12V battery (up to 8L or 6.5L petrol engines for diesel engines). And if needed, it also allows you to recharge tablets, laptops and smartphones as well as offering a handy flashlight.

Konig CG-9 Catena da Neve, Autotensi9mm onant, Set of 2

From 15 November it will be mandatory to equip one’s car with winter tires or to have chains on board to travel along some roads, especially in northern Italy. For those who live in areas where snow is rare, the best choice to avoid fines is precisely to have a pair of chains to keep in the trunk and install in case of need. This model from the renowned Konig company has a self-tensioning system that facilitates assembly, which therefore takes place in a single move. It has a small footprint of only 9 mm and boasts approvals / certifications / conformity: Ö-Norm 5117, UNI 11313, TÜV.

Anykuu Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcyclists know the importance of protecting the most exposed parts of the body in the event of a fall. Anykuu offers a pair of summer motorcycle gloves made of knitted fabric and PVC plastic. Inside, velvet has been chosen as the material that comes into contact with the skin, which therefore will not be red even after prolonged use. The possibility of using the touchscreen display of smartphones and GPS navigators with the glove on is convenient. On the wrist there is a Velcro closure to better secure the glove once it is put on.

Madbike Child motorcycle safety belt

For parents who usually take their child with them when they ride a motorbike or scooter, this article could really be indispensable. It is a safety belt that practically hooks the child to the parent, preventing him from falling if he should lose the grip on which it is held while walking. The belt is also reflective to offer better safety while traveling and is suitable for children aged 2 to 10. And there is also a convenient front pocket for storing some small items.

WIN.MAX Car Windshield Cover

One of the problems that you face during the winter months is the icy windshield or maybe, in the worst case, full of snow. This windshield cover has a size of 193cx126cm, which makes it ideal for SUV vans, and in general cars with very large windshields. Installation is also very simple: just place the windshield cover, fix the flaps with the door closed and hook the two elastic bands to the exterior rear-view mirrors and you’re done. Obviously it will also become useful on hot days to shelter from the sun and keep the car interior cool.

Cycplus 150 PSI Portable Compressor

Flat tires? No problem, the Cycplus portable compressor takes care of bringing them back to the right pressure, which allows you to inflate any type of tire, from those mounted in the classic bicycle, passing through scooters and mopeds, to tires for the car. The Cycplus air compressor puts on the plate a maximum pressure capacity up to 140PSI, and allows the measurement by choosing between 4 types of unit values, namely: PSI, BAR, KPA, Kg / cm². It also acts as an emergency flashlight, and comes with all the useful accessories also to inflate other objects such as balloons, life jackets and so on.

Rhütten Winter Window Cleaner

If you live in areas where winter temperatures drop below freezing, one of the problems that could occur in your car is that the washer fluid in the prepared tray is completely frozen. To overcome this problem, you can choose this winter washer that remains liquid even if the temperature reaches a maximum of 20 degrees below zero. The 5-liter tank has a very convenient cost and allows constant top-ups for a long time, which becomes longer if a part of water is added. In this case, however, the company guarantees the non-freezing of the liquid down to -8 degrees.

Kryptonite Catena New York

For this Amazon’s Early Black Friday, the New York chain of Kryptonite, a very famous company recognized among the best in this sector, also deserves attention. The chain, useful for locking the scooter or motorcycle when parked, has a length of one meter and at its end is equipped with a 14 mm Grillo Evs4 Disco lock while the links have a diameter of 12 mm and are protected by a link anti-cut. The total weight of the chain is around 3 Kg.

E3 Car trunk organizer

A very useful object to keep in order the various objects that are usually stored in the trunk is this organizer made of Oxford 1680D fabric which makes it waterproof and resistant and therefore also easier to clean. The dimensions are 60 x 35 x 30 cm. and has 3 compartments that can be removed if desired to have a single capacity. And when not in use, you can also fold it up and have it easily available only when needed, while the handles present also make it transportable for use outside the car.

LLCTOOLS – Set of 31 Car Oil Filter Wrenches

For those who love to take care of their car and do small maintenance works, but also for repair professionals LLCTOOLS offers this set which includes 31 keys to disassemble and obviously assemble the oil filter. Each key has a black lacquered sheet metal cap and has a spider claw. They fit the vast majority of oil filters from different car brands. All contained in a convenient case that also allows you to keep them in perfect order and easily available when needed.

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