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Earth Day: let’s discover Meta’s initiatives

On the occasion of the recent Earth Day, Meta introduced some useful innovations to sensitize the entire community to the issue of climate change. Meta’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions, and to accelerate the transition to renewable energy sources, is ever greater! Let’s find out all the details about it together!

Earth Day in Meta – Here are some news

Among the novelties presented we find the one dedicated to fundraising with i Reel. In fact, thanks to the fundraising tools of Facebook and Instagram, more than 4 million people in the world have already donated over 150 million dollars to protect the environment and to support the fight against climate change.

Given the result, Meta today offers the possibility of launching a fundraiser through the Instagram Reels. The service is available in over 30 countries, including Italy.

And then again there are the new Instagram stickers to support the environment. The project sees the collaboration with the illustrator of Brooklyn Ping Zhu, who created the new stickers to celebrate the Earth and those who work every day to protect it. The adhesive Shop Sustainablefor example, it reminds us to make green and sustainable purchases.

And then again

Il Climate Science Center Facebook is a leading source of information on climate and the environment. Just think that it boasts over 200 million visitors since its launch in September 2020. Now it will offer even more space for action!

Also Messenger it is not exempt from novelty. In fact, there are new stickers, a chat theme, text effects, 3D Avatar stickers and a new Effect for groups that celebrates Earth Day. Are you ready to animate climate change conversations with friends and family?

The importance of creators

In addition, to celebrate Earth Day together with the new generations, Meta has selected over 15 creators to raise awareness of the community, whose reels with donations can be re-shared during the week from the @creators account. Meta will also donate $ 10,000 to non-profit organizations chosen by the creators involved in the project.

And you, have you already tried any of these novelties? Tell us your opinion on our Facebook page.

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