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Therabody: presents the new TheraFace PRO

Therabody, a global pioneer in wellness technology, is pleased to present the new TheraFace PRO, the latest portable facial care device

A meeting between salute, technology e beauty, TheraFace PRO goes where no facial device has gone before. Primo in its category, this new device optimizes the renowned Therabody technology for the face Theragunwith the aim of reducing the facial tension, relax the muscles of the face and treat it at every level, even treating the migrainesil headache and pain at the jaw. This product will change the life of million of peoplemaking numerous beauty treatments accessible to anyone in any part of the world in one device.

Therabody: presents the new TheraFace PRO

All-in-one device for the face

This device all-in-one for the face, approved by FDAoffers different multifunctional facial treatmentsproven by science more than any other therapy product on the market microcorrente that tones the skin, to the rejuvenating light, to the Cryothermal Technology that relieves the tension, to the combination of the innovative percussive therapy with one of the most effective ways to cleanse the face.

Since each face is unique and unmistakable, Therabody has designed a customizable experience through magnetic attachments that allow the user to easily switch from one treatment to another and even combine more than one. As everyone’s needs change over time, TheraFace PRO changes with the person and the circumstances in which they find themselves.

Inventing solutions that help people recover, find relief and relax is a key part of the DNA by Therabody. In the past, several customers have shared anecdotes about using Theraguns on the face, to the point that Therabody’s design and development team has embarked on a mission to address this need.

For the first time ever, Therabody’s unique technology is combined with multiple modes to hit more than 40 muscles of the face. TheraFace PRO goes beyond skin wellness, and helps relieve muscle tension and pain associated with head and jaw pain.

Therabody: presents the new TheraFace PRO

The words of the experts

Benjamin Nazarian, Chief Exective Officer of Therabody stated

Our philosophy in product design and development is to always think about the next step, focusing on three fundamental principles, accessibility, ease of use and innovation with solutions. It took two years to develop this complete device. TheraFace PRO will transform the facial wellness routines of many people around the world, and like all of our products, we hope this appliance will inspire people to understand the importance of self-care and our Love Your Face motto.

He dr. Jason Wersland, Founder e Chief Wellness Officer of Therabody explained

Therabody’s solutions have a long track record of helping people feel better and recover faster. As experts in whole-body wellness, we have translated this philosophy into the area of ​​the body that goes from the shoulders up. We have applied our genesis and know-how in percussion therapy to create a revolutionary product with an amplitude specifically designed for the face. Taking percussion therapy to new ways and new levels was the experience of a lifetime.

Mamina Tureganotriple certified dermatologist explained

As a physiologist with a holistic approach to skin wellness, I think it’s important to look at the deeper aspects of simple skin care that can improve skin health, resilience and radiance. Effects such as microcurrent for skin tone, and stress reduction are important components of the overall well-being of the skin. In addition to lifestyle, which includes nutrition, mental health and exercise, local supportive treatments, such as TheraFace PRO, are vital components of everyone’s skin care routine.

Therabody: presents the new TheraFace PRO

TheraFace PRO offers six unique treatment modalities

  • Percussion Facial Therapy: reduces tension and relaxes the facial muscles; includes three accessories. Theragun’s proprietary percussive therapy uses a unique combination of frequency, amplitude and torsion, reaching up to 16mm deep in muscle tissue, while TheraFace PRO’s amplitude is 3mm, perfect for use on facial muscles.
  • Flat Head: general use on the whole face, neck and chest
  • Cone: more accurate for specific areas such as the eye contour, smile lines and pressure points.
  • Micro-tip: Maximizes circulation in large areas such as forehead, cheeks and chest.
  • microcurrent therapy: strengthens and tones the skin, improves muscle tone and the contour of the face / neck.
  • Light therapy: uses different wavelengths to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin, with three treatment options in one accessory:
  • Red LED light: reduces wrinkles around the eyes
  • Blue LED light: reduces mild and moderate acne
  • Red and Infrared LED Light: Reduces wrinkles around the eyes and offers warming that relieves pain and discomfort.
  • Deep cleansing: cleanses the face in a gentle but effective way and removes the facial accumulation of dirt, grease and residues. TheraFace PRO is the first device to combine a deep cleansing system with percussive therapy, for a whole new experience.
  • Thermal rings (Sold Separately): Heatable or coolable, they help the skin absorb creams, reduce swelling and improve radiance.

TheraFace PRO is available for the price of 399€while thermal rings, sold separately, are priced at 99€. For more information you can consult the official website.

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