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Ecco il primo smartphone Android con Dynamic Island

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max brought the novelty of Dynamic Islanda new way to interact with music and notifications in the virtual island at the top of the screen. Since then, some Android app developers have tried to recreate it. But it may soon come first Android smartphone that supports Dynamic Island natively: Huawei Nova 11.

Arriva il primo smartphone Android con Dynamic Island

According to rumors, Huawei would be considering the possibility of incorporating Dynamic Island into Nova 11 smartphones. In this way, Huawei would be among the first Android manufacturers to offer this feature natively: the novelty will become part of the company’s HarmonyOS operating system.

However, this information is still only rumors and extreme caution should be exercised: there is the possibility that the Chinese company is only testing the functionality, perhaps to present a variant with the next update of its operating system.

Software features are often inspired by other smartphones, so it would be interesting to see how the Huawei version of Dynamic Island compares with that of Apple.

Furthermore, whether it could impact the Android smartphone market remains to be assessed. Apple also launched this feature to make better use of screen space, considering that even without the notch the Apple’s front camera cut-out is larger of many Android products.

But the ability to interact with background apps dynamically is appealing to iOS users. Maybe also Google is working on a notification overhaul at the top of the screen for basic Android.

For now, it’s all speculation, though – we’ll keep you posted.

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