LXT Esports presents the first Italian Valorant team made up only of women

LXT Esports presenta la prima squadra italiana di Valorant composta da sole donne thumbnail

Benefits company Ask Advisory today announced that their team, LXT ESPORTS, will debut in the official competitions of Valorant, Riot Games’ acclaimed first-person tactical shooter. Not only that: the team will be made up only of women, thus becoming theThe first all-female Italian export team.

The five LXT Esports girls who will compete in Valorant

The team, which will compete within the VCT Game Changers, is made up of:

  • Seffyra – Effyaka Daniela Vrabie aged 23, one of the female faces of Valorant Italia, with important past experiences at a European competitive level.
  • Aranelaka 24-year-old Sara Lippolis who after months of dedication manages to reach her first real important stage.
  • Valyrianaka Angelica Greco of 19, also a well-known face of the Valorant community as one of the pioneers of the Riot house title.
  • Regiaka Regine Cabael of 22, who returns to compete after a past in the Italian competitive and Game Changers.
  • Belowaka Giulia Venuti 20 years old among the first to try her hand at Valorant and with different experiences in the competitive Game Changers landscape.

“We have chosen to support this innovative project as a Benefit Company because we believe it is a powerful means of breaking down stereotypes, giving equal dignity to teams of any kind, allowing everyone to promote their career in a safe space, supported by a platform for professional growth both inside and outside the game” they comment Andrea Arnaldi, founder of Lexant and Andrea Mileto, LXT project manager. “An integral part of the project is the establishment of a study center to monitor the behavior of gamers in order to bring out and enhance the skills and abilities of the gaming sector. Far from being underestimated, as many believe”.

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