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Echo: the official trailer is online! Kingpin returns

The official trailer for Echo has just been published online by Marvel Studios, it will be the first Marvel series about a Native American character

I Marvel Studios have published online the first official trailer for Echo, a series dedicated to the character we saw for the first time in the Hawkeye series. In the series we will see the character of again Maya Lopez played again by Alaqua Cox. The series will arrive on January 10 on Disney+this will also be the series he will release all 5 episodes on the same day, making it the first series to release all episodes together. The series will be directed and produced by Sydney Freeland and it will be the first series with a Native American as the protagonist. Echo will start after the events of Hawkeyewe will see Maya trying to escape the control of Kingpinstarring once again Vincent D’Onofrio. We will see her get back in touch with the members of her tribe, which boasts fearsome warriors, to undergo the teachings of her ancestors and face an enemy who threatens her community.

Echo: the official trailer shows the past of Maya and Kingpin

In the first official trailer for Echo we see Maya Lopez’s past with her family and with Kingpin, who will have a main role in this series. According to the director, the representation will be a key part of the series, being of Navajo heritage herself and has encouraged the creative team, including the writer Marion Dayre, to be inspired by real existing Native American cultures. The series will in fact change Maya’s tribe: in the comics she belonged to the community Blackfeetbut in the series he will instead belong to the tribe Choctaw. Maya’s family will play a fundamental role, in fact they will help her with thetrauma processing, as the director says:

Maya is a very vulnerable character and cannot control her emotions. She has accumulated so many feelings and so much anger inside her that he no longer knows what to do with them. In the series we will explore trauma a lot: how we deal with it, how we can overcome it, the consequences it has on us and on those around us. This time the effects will be more personal, not like the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy. At stake is not the fate of a universe, but of a family.

In the main cast we will find Alaqua Cox (Echo), Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin), Charlie Cox (Daredevil) e Zahn McClarnon (William Lopez). Continue to follow us on to stay updated on the world of cinema and TV series.

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