Torna l'Ecobonus: stanziati altri 100 milioni di euro dal governo thumbnail

ecobonus 2021 comes another 100 million euros

The Ecobonus is back: another 100 million euros allocated by the government thumbnail

The Italian government launches a lifeboat to the world of cars in total apnea, refinancing, also for 2021, the famous “eco-bonus” with 100 million euros. The new addition of capital, which is one third of what the car manufacturers were hoping for, is intended as always to facilitate the purchase of low-carbon cars and has been included, upon proposal by the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, in the tax decree approved by the Council of Ministers. Thanks to this proposal, the times for the new financing of the eco-bonus, which otherwise would have been discussed in the 2022 Budget Law, have actually been reduced.

Ecobonus 2021, more money for “greener” cars

The decree also establishes how these 100 million euros will be distributed, or based on the amount of CO2 that cars produce. The largest share, equal to 65 million euros, is destined to incentivize the purchase of M1 vehicles included in the 0-60 g / km CO2 emission band. 20 million euros are allocated for the purchase of special N1 or M1 category commercial vehicles, of which 15 million euros reserved for exclusively electric vehicles. There are 10 million euros that can be used as an incentive for the purchase of M1 vehicles included in the 61-135 g / km CO2 range. The remaining 5 million euros are earmarked for the purchase of used M1 category vehicles with emissions between 0-160 g / km CO2.

In practice to benefit from the most of the incentives are electric and hybrid cars, which as known are also the most expensive when compared to their thermal counterparts. The government’s anticipated move is however a “probable” shot in the arm for a sector, that of the automotive sector, in particular suffering that must also deal with the lack of semiconductors that is slowing down, and not just a little, the production of new models.

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