EcoFlow launches Smart Generator (Dual Fuel): 5 days of emergency power

EcoFlow lancia Smart Generator (Dual Fuel): 5 giorni di alimentazione d'emergenza thumbnail

EcoFlow launch today Smart Generator (Dual Fuel), a generator that also takes advantage of the GPL as a fuel source, in addition to gasoline. It has low emissions and great efficiency, it can produce up to 20 kWh of electricity with LPG: enough for five days of energy needs of a family, in case of an emergency.

EcoFlow Smart Generator (Dual Fuel): dual fuel and high efficiency

Adding LPG as a second fuel source allows you to increase flexibility during a possible long-term blackout, making it perfect for homes and campers. In fact, LPG storable in cylinders and with low maintenance requirements, allows you to keep a quantity suitable for intervening in an emergency. Not to mention that it emits less toxic gases than petrol.

Bruce Wang, CEO of EcoFlow explains: “The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) demonstrates EcoFlow’s commitment to making energy available to people and building an eco-sustainable future. It ensures peace of mind in the event of a prolonged blackout and, in doing so, consumes less fuel, produces fewer emissions and generates less noise”.

The new power supply integrates with the entire EcoFlow ecosystem. For example, when charging portable stations such as Delta Pro and Delta Maxor supply kits, allows for fuel savings up to 40%. Furthermore, it is fast: it allows the recharging of Delta Pro in 2.7 hours and Delta Max in 1.5 hours.

Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) also allows for a safe user experience, with protection mechanisms and alarm systems. In fact, if the levels of carbon monoxide should rise you will receive a warning and the system will it will turn off automatically after the safety levels.

There are also alarms for fuel and engine oil, as well as automatic shutdown for too high or too low temperature. This allows for increase the life cycle of the product.

You can buy Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) on the EcoFlow store or on Amazon.

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