EcoFlow launches three new smart devices at CES 2023: here’s what they are

EcoFlow lancia tre nuovi smart device al CES 2023: ecco quali sono thumbnail

EcoFlowa manufacturer of portable power and renewable energy solutions, launches al CES 2023 three new smart devices. It’s about the Wave 2 portable air conditioneril Blade robotic lawnmower and the Glacier cooler with integrated ice machine.

The brand also presented its own new home backup power solution, demonstrating how energy management has never been easier. The company’s goal is to reflect on transforming people’s lifestyles in an ecological way.

EcoFlow al CES 2023: i three new smart devices for “next-level living”

Here are the three new products presented by EcoFlow at CES 2023:

  • EcoFlow Blade: The world’s first robotic lawnmower that collects grass clippings, is cheaper than professional mowing services and requires less physical effort than standard robotic lawnmowers, making lawn maintenance as easy as possible.
  • EcoFlow Wave 2: after the success of the first Wave portable air conditioner, the new second generation is able to heat and cool, making life even more comfortable outdoors and in isolated spaces.
  • EcoFlow Glacier: Glacier is the first portable refrigerator in the industry to have an integrated ice machine: fresh food and ice always available, for maximum pleasure.

Of the three new products, both EcoFlow Blade and EcoFlow Glacier were selected as CES 2023 Honoreesemphasizing their outstanding innovative design and their potential to improve the quality of life of users.

The home backup power solution

The home backup power solution for the North American market is based on DELTA Proa powerful portable power station with fastest charging speed, plugging into a power output of 7200W, enough to keep critical circuits running for a week.