Ecoflow’s power stations offer clean, portable power

Ecoflow: energia pulita e portatile grazie alle power station thumbnail

On the occasion of the World Environment Dayscheduled for today 5 June, Ecoflowa company specializing in the production of power station portatili, stresses the importance of being able to rely on clean and portable energy. Here are the details illustrated by the company:

World Environment Day: the importance of using clean energy according to Ecoflow

Ecoflow makes available to power station portatili representing the right way to access clean energy. The models in question integrate lithium-ion technology and surpass traditional generators powered by petrol or diesel, which are much more polluting and noisy. The Ecoflow models also allow the use of renewable energy as it can be recharged through solar panels. Thanks to Ecoflow, in full compliance with World Environment Day, it is possible to adopt a sustainable approach. The models offered by Ecoflow are also long lasting and help reduce waste.

The company’s proposals

There are several Ecoflow models available to users to focus on. Among these we find Ecoflow RIVER, available at a cost of 399 euros, which is the company’s most compact model with a capacity of 288 Wh. Then there is Ecoflow RIVER Pro which offers up to 720 Wh and has a price of 799 euros. To complete the range there is DELTA Pro with a basic capacity of 3.6 kWh, expandable up to 25 kWh, which costs 3,999 euros. Users have the possibility to choose the option most in line with their needs to obtain all the energy necessary in relation to use.