ECommerce sites: the digital shopping revolution

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An eCommerce site is the digital alternative to the classic physical store, with which it shares the purpose – to sell – but amplifying the advantages and reducing the difficulties.

In today’s society, it is increasingly likely that you have purchased materials or services on online platforms at least once in your life. For convenience, because it was not possible to leave the house at that time, or because the product you wanted is not available in your vicinity.

It is now a custom to be customers of one or often more eCommerce, which have become a constant in our life just like the supermarket under the house. However, it is very likely that very little is known about their operation, or about all the advantages they can bring to those who decide to use them to supplement or even replace their physical store.

Therefore, now we will try to find out more!

How is an eCommerce site born?

let’s start from the basics: to open an eCommerce you can’t improvise. You need to own a sales business or, if you are starting from scratch, have a clear idea of ​​the sector you want to deal with.

If the commercial skills are all there, but there are doubts about the computer skills, do not worry: they exist specialized companies able to provide all the help you need, from consulting to building the site from scratch. Among them we can cite as an example the DSI Design, a Web Agency in Turin.

Relying on experts is important, especially at the beginning, in order not to make mistakes: an eCommerce that works and gives profit must be as practical – for sellers as for customers – as well as aesthetically pleasing. Users who arrive on the platform struck by a positive first impression must be convinced a stay for the benefits that are provided to them: offers and promotions, a large and constantly expanding catalog, the possibility to pay with various methods and to use the site in more than one language.

Sellers can create the best shopping environment with the help of an eCommerce that they ease with numerous functions to manage sales independentlyorganize items, monitor orders and billing, take care of shipping and various marketing strategies.

Furthermore, the graphics, preferably simple but captivating, must above all be responsive: that is, they must adapt to every device on which it is displayed, from the laptop to the smartphone, a key condition given that more and more purchases are completed by one’s phone.

And competent use of your sales site can only bring benefits to your business.

The thousand advantages of online sales

If a physical store is obviously subject to a geographical space and to certain times, eCommerce moves in much wider and free contexts. The fact that your ideal clientele can be 100 km away or that they can only shop late in the evening, after work, is no longer a problem if their site works 24 hours a day and can potentially reach any place. But the benefits don’t stop there!

A digital store has fewer management feesfewer employees, fewer hours of work, fewer bills: you don’t need a room with water, electricity and heating if everything can be safely stored in a warehouse.

Then there is the solution dropShipping, which provides for the sale without stock, so the merchant transfers the order placed on his platform directly to the suppliers. Even more convenient, since you don’t even need a physical place to work, just an internet-connected device.

The savings can thus be invested in other activities aimed at favoring one’s eCommerce, with promotion in the lead.

Make your eCommerce business known

Advertising on TV or radio, flyers and billboards are certainly always useful, however the main place in which to sponsor a digital activity is the network itself. Again, industry experts can help us.

The promotion starts from the drafting of the site itself, whose texts can be optimized with the SEO technique, that is Search Engine Optimizationby entering keywords, commonly typed by users on Google and the like to identify the shops and products they need.

This method can also be implemented by the Link Building, off page strategy which consists in placing one’s own link on another site, in order to increase its authority and make it arrive among the first search results.

Other systems are promotion through campaigns Google Ads and on the main ones social networkalso important for establishing a more informal contact with your customers.

The care and careful management of an eCommerce, with constancy and organization, will allow your sales activity to grow more and more, until it establishes itself as a leader in its sector.