ECOVACS Reveals New ECOVACS 2023 Products: Featured ECO-Friendly Innovations

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COVACS ROBOTICS, also known as “ECOVACS”, unveiled its latest creations at its recently live-streamed global launch event

From its headquarters on August 17, CEO David Qian charted ECOVACS’ exciting journey towards realizing the “Robotics for All” vision through an eclectic lineup of robotic vacuum cleaners and scrubbers. This selection of new products has been carefully conceived by a major player in the world’s robotics field.

ECOVACS Reveals New ECOVACS 2023 Products: Featured ECO-Friendly Innovations

DEEBOT X2 OMNI: Revolutionary Design for Impeccable Cleaning

The main attraction of the launch this year it is the formidable DEEBOT X2 OMNIcharacterized by a revolutionary design characterized by sharp corners.

With dimensions of 9.5cm high and 32cm wideThis robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners can also easily access the toughest corners.

The exceptional square shape has been designed to maximize efficiency by increasing the width of the front roller brush and bringing your own cleaning cloths 30mm from the corners. This project made it possible to reduce empty space by 45%. compared to the previous model X1, obtaining cleaning results of the highest quality.

The innovative OMNI stationmoreover, proposes an experience of fully automatic cleaninginclusive of washing at 55°C and drying with hot air. The self-cleaning function complete the station. The DEEBOT X2 OMNI is even more powerful than its predecessor, the X1 OMNI, boasting a suction power of 8,000 pa it’s a minimal noisesurpassing the 60% increase.

The official showcase of the new flagship of the X Series will take place as a preview on the European market at theIFA in Berlin, from 1 to 5 September.

ECOVACS Reveals New ECOVACS 2023 Products: Featured ECO-Friendly Innovations

WINBOT W2: Advanced Moisture Cleaning Technology

ECOVACS responds to the challenges of window cleaning robot present on the market, emphasizing practicality, safety and efficacy. Proudly presents the WINBOT W2and Innovative window cleaning robotaccompanied by a state-of-the-art multifunction station and advanced moisture cleaning technology.

Overcoming the limitations of existing models, the WINBOT W2 enhances cleanliness, promotes safety and aim at extend its reach in the market.

Equipped with a multifunctional stationil WINBOT W2 hosts one long life lithium ion batteryable to guarantee 80 minutes of cleaning.

To avoid accidental jamming, the safety cable and thediet are combined into a “two-in-one composite cable“, while the automatic cable retraction and release function ensures a automated operation.

The Improved control and suction cup of the multifunctional station increase the safety and reduce the risk of falls. These improvements allow for a unlimited cleaningincluding i previously unreachable edges.

The technology a automatic sprayemployed by WINBOT, ensures optimal cleaningwhile the W2 model goes further thanks to the wide-angle spray three-nozzle technologyguaranteeing uniform cleaning and improved by 30%.

ECOVACS Reveals New ECOVACS 2023 Products: Featured ECO-Friendly Innovations

AIRBOT Z2: Breathe Better Air with ECOVACS

L’AIRBOT Z2 ushers in a new era of home mobilityscrolling to one speed of 0.7 meters per secondcomparable to a human step.

ECOVACS developed the technology AIVI 3D to prevent obstacles, merging various sensorscome ToF 3D, iToF e telecamera. Differently come on traditional air purifiersl’AIRBOT Z2 purifies the air during movementguaranteeing constant flow of clean air throughout the house.

L’AIRBOT Z2 if it distinguishes with a “5-step deep rejuvenation system“, which actively manages the air in five dimensions: pollutant removal, antibacterial action, fog-free humidification, lasting freshness and perceptible breeze.

A special function of hair removal and odor filtering is dedicated to families with pets, thanks to air ducts and improved designguaranteeing a cleaner and fresher environment.

Mission and Vision: “Robotics for All”

A June 2023ECOVACS held its own first robotics conference in Suzhoubringing together companies, experts and academics to discuss the future of service robots.

Committed to driving one sustainable development and quality in industryECOVACS collaborates with all interested parties. On the way to becoming the world leader in roboticsmaintains its commitment to “Robotica for All“, providing smarter and more accessible robotic solutions for every aspect of life.

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