eFootball PES 2022: here is the release date of the next update

After the criticism for eFootball PES 2022 Konami had promised an update then postponed, here is the new release date

L’exit dell’update, which would bring the highly criticized eFootball PES 2022 at version 0.9.1, it was initially planned for October 28 until Konami announced it would be delayed. In a new post on Twitter, the company has now confirmed that the patch will be released on November 5. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

eFootball PES 2022: the update will take a little longer but it will be essential for the removal of bugs

“L’exit of the next update from eFootball PES 2022 v0.9.1 is fixed at November 5 for PC and console. This update is for bug fixes only, with detailed patch notes made available on our website at the time of release. ” this is what is reported on the official profile of the Japanese giant.

The free-to-play successor to the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series was released on September 30th and was heavily criticized by gamers, to the extent that it became the highest-rated Steam game of all time.

eFootball PES 2022: here is the release date of the next update

Following the criticism, Konami issued a statement acknowledging “reports of problems users have encountered with cut-scenes, facial expressions, player movements and ball behavior”. The company then apologized for the state of the game and promised to provide one continuous series of improvements.

When it first announced the update to version 0.9.1, Konami said: “This will focus on resolving the problems that have already been reported and those that you continue to report. We will update you with more details as we move forward and address your feedback and requests in future updates ”.

Konami previously said that they have plans to release the first major update of the game a half of November, which will introduce a number of new modes, including Creative Teams, where players build their squad similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team (or myClub in the previous PES).

At this point, the cross-platform games (allowing PlayStation, Xbox and Steam players to compete against each other), along with a season pass system.

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