eFootball PES 2022: here is the release date of the update 1.0

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After months of waiting, Konami has finally revealed the release date of the new update of eFootball PES 2022

Starting from 2021, Konami has renamed the iconic PES series, which has accompanied users over the last twenty-five years by acting as a valid competitor to titles on the same wave line, such as FIFA. Arrived in 2022, now this series has taken the name of “eFootball PES”, going to retransform the entire franchise focusing above all on the eSport sector. However, the release of eFootball 2022 occurred in September 2021 did not bring much positive feedback from the community, far from it: the launch version had revealed itself stripped of content, buggy and downright disappointing compared to the standards that had been set with the titles that have always been churned out by Konami in the past few years. And although the company had promised to solve the problems in eFootball 2022 with an update, the release date of the aforementioned was made to wait for many months.

The release date of the new eFootball 2022 update

In a new statement on the official eFootball 2022 Twitter account, Konami has decided to address a few words about the innovations introducedin addition to informing players of the official release date of the upcoming update, indicated as version 1.0 of the title. The publisher claims to have worked on fixing bugs, fixing the game’s budget and adding new elements to make it more enjoyable for players. It would have been added the new game mode titled “Dream Team”, which will allow users to “build their team and face other Dream Teams from all over the world”. Furthermore, on the official website of eFootball 2022 Konami also wanted to express himself regarding the bad ratings obtained upon release of the game. The publisher says he was too focused on getting the game out on the set date, thus missing out on one of the most important elements of all: the quality.The development team, by then, would have worked hard to regain the trust of fans of the popular football series, while at the same time trying to make the title even better for the community.

They have been added new commands and numerous elements (both defensive and offensive). From what emerges on the site, these changes would include alterations on defense, passing and controls to shoot. Among the feedback received, the majority concerned the defense: in particular, many complained about the difficulty it would have in defending and regaining possession of the ball. After analyzing the matter, it was decided to change the settings button to make defense more intuitive; The ability to press keys that were available in previous editions of the series will also be added. In addition, a command will also be inserted that will allow you to regain possession of the ball in a more proactive way. In short, Konami seems determined to deeply redesign the game to win the enthusiasm of fans again, and all these new features will be available once version 1.0 is made available, so starting from April 14th.

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