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Eksa H6 review: cheap and unpretentious wireless headphones

In this review we will take a close look at the Eksa H6, entry-level wireless headphones that combine a decent comfort at an advantageous price

There are now many gaming headsets on the market, and this time we focus on a model of EKSA. This company has in its catalog different products on different price ranges. In this review we will closely analyze the H6, an entry-level model that combines good feautures with compromises dictated by an advantageous price.

Packaging and unboxing | Eksa H6 review

They come in an orange package and are still well coated inside. Inside the package we find the headphones, a bluetooth transmitter, and cable charging type Ca bag to transport them in comfort and safety and a manual of instructions.

Technical features

Bluetooth 5.0 version with an impedance of 32 Ohm and sensitivity of 114 dB. The battery has a claimed life of 30 orecombined with a charging time of approx an hour and a half. Frequency response come on 20Hz at 20 kHz and 40mm in diameter as regards i driver.

Eksa H6 review: cheap and unpretentious wireless headphones

First use and impressions | Eksa H6 review

Let’s start by saying that the particularly attractive price has some compromises not indifferent to the product. I would like to start from design, certainly not particularly brilliant and innovative. I did not particularly appreciate theaesthetics (and the positioning) of the button on the left pavilion. All in all thepadding it’s not evil and the pad on top of the product turns out too comfortable enough. The materials are of course plastic models and not particularly premium.

All the keys are focused on the pavilion left (very frequent choice even if in my opinion not very comfortable) and are the following: volume +, volume-, on / off and the “do not disturb” button. All these keys become comfortable multifunctional. Indeed the key on/off can also be used as play/pause, the volume keys when pressed twice allow you to go to the next or previous track. The multifunction “do not disturb” button can be pressed three times to wake up thevoice assistant. Unfortunately, the microphone is not removable and can be disabled simply by bringing it into position vertical. Il bluetooth transmitter it’s enough compact even if it doesn’t have any writing or logo.

How does she feel? | Eksa H6 review

Just the fact of finding headphones wireless at such a low price it had initially made me turn up my nose. Although the build quality is not the best, I must admit that all in all the audio industry is not evil. The sound is however a little thin, low emphasis with the mid and high frequencies that stand out. The spatiality of the sound is however guaranteed by a decent stereo sound.

Eksa H6 review: cheap and unpretentious wireless headphones


  • Eksa H6 review: cheap and unpretentious wireless headphones


  • I tried the headphones on Warzone, playing by PS4 and connecting the bluetooth transmitter directly to the console’s USB input. The pairing is immediate even if the sound performance was not the best. However, an applause must be made to the microphone, which proved to be very well balanced and qualitatively at the height of the price they cost. The headphones can then also be combined with one smartphonealso simultaneously. I loved these features that make this pair of headphones diverse from the others, justifying the prezzo not with audio quality but with goodies like this.

    Conclusions and price | Eksa H6 review

    If I had to rely exclusively on the sound performance I would not recommend these headphones, since for the same price there are higher quality solutions. However, I find that these headphones make sense because they manage to incorporate features that are not common in other products of this one price range (just under € 50 on Amazon). The possibility connectivity simultaneously is definitely a plus for this pair of headphones, to which is added the fact that they are wireless. We know how the cables on our desk cause us particular annoyance, so find a headset a lot cheap and totally wireless is not a factor to be underestimated. The watchword is “compromise“, And I believe that these Ex X6 have the right compromise between quality, comfort and price.

    What do you think of these Ex X6? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading all the notes to stay updated on the latest news and more.

    Points in favor

    • Cuffie Wireless
    • Possibility to connect them to the smartphone
    • Carrying pouch
    • Reasonable price

    Points against

    • Audio quality not excellent
    • Poorly maintained plastics
    • Non-removable microphone
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