Terramaster: present in new NAS F2-423 and F4-423

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Terramaster’s new NAS F2-423 and F4-423 are capable of increasing performance by up to 50%, with an updated processor, dual 2.5G ethernet connectivity, 4K multimedia streaming and business apps

L’F2-423 and theF4-423 they are equipped with a new processor quad-core Celeron N5105/5095 with peak speed of 2,9 GHzcan offer you better energy efficiency compared to the previous generation. One engine AES-NI integrated into the chip provides real-time encryption capabilities. The decoding engine multimediale 4K dedicated allows you to offer it streaming direct video from NAS reliably and energy-efficient.

The performance improvements are noticeable: in high-workload scenarios, the series 423 offers performance up to 50% higher than the previous generation, with an increase of 37% in file and photo recovery speeds, an increase in 35% database response speeds and an increase in the 40% in response speed PHP of the web page.

Terramaster: present in new NAS F2-423 and F4-423

Product highlights and dual 2.5GbE connectivity

Here are the highlights:

  • Configuration options with 2 and 4 storage bays, for prosumers and SMBs
  • New quad-core Intel CPU equipped with AES encryption accelerator
  • 50% improvement in response from heavy workload applications
  • Two 2.5Gb network cards with link aggregation option
  • Media server with 4K video decoding and streaming support
  • RAID support with capacity expansion and migration
  • It supports online backup services and virtualized applications

The two 2.5 Gb network connections can be used individually or aggregated for 5 Gb / s network bandwidth. Data transmission speeds can reach up to 283MB / s in real-world scenarios (Seagate IronWolf 18TB hard drive, RAID configuration), providing a cost-effective solution for multi-user access to high-workload files.

Terramaster: present in new NAS F2-423 and F4-423

Business-centric applications

Support for many file management services (SMB, AFP, SFTP/FTP, iSCSI, NFS e WebDAV) allows F2-423 and F4-423 to fully meet the needs of file services multiplatform of different network environments. Both F2-423 and F4-423 support domain Windows AD e LDAP required for seamless integration into existing corporate IT environments.

While managing permissions helps ensure data security. A variety of backup solutions are supported, including cloudas well as app of professional virtualization, including VirtualBox e Dockercollaborating with Docker-compose and Portainer.

Terramaster: present in new NAS F2-423 and F4-423

Multimedia streaming, recommended price and availability

Thanks to the decoding ability video 4Kthe F2-423 and F4-423 can stream video directly to network devices, whether they are computer, smartphone, media players e SmartTVconveniently using TerraMaster’s integrated media server or via the third party.

The TerraMaster F2-423 and F4-423 are available at a recommended price of € 379.99 and € 499.99 on the official TerraMaster store and on Amazon.it.

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