Elden Ring: Bandai expects to sell 4 million copies in the first month

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Elden Ring it showed up a few days ago in the closed network test and that was enough to make the fans of the work of FromSoftware, which with this new title seems to want to move the bar a little higher. In the past few hours Bandai Namco has shown that he has very high expectations for Elden Ring, explaining that he expects to at least sell 4 million copies during the first month of launch.

Elden Ring: Bandai Namco expects to sell 4 million copies in the first month

Bandai Namco’s estimates emerged during a recent Q&A session with investors, during which the publisher specified that Elden Ring’s sales prospects are around 4 million copies by the end of the fiscal year, which corresponds to the March 31, 2022, that is about a month after the official launch of the new FromSoftware game.

An ambitious goal, which according to what was declared by the publisher will also be the result of the good reception that the video game is receiving during the last few weeks, just after the network test. It must be said that 4 million copies is a lot to sell in just one month, but it’s also true that Elden Ring is pretty much the most anticipated video game of 2022 at the moment, so the chances aren’t zero.

In this regard, FromSoftware’s reputation is particularly encouraging, just think of the sales figures of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which has reached the quota of 3.8 million copies sold within just four months from the release, becoming the game of the software house that has reached the quota of 2 million copies placed faster.

Sekiro sold these two million copies within 10 days, so Elden Ring will have to do even better to allow the software house to reach Bandai’s goal. Although what was declared by the publisher may seem exaggerated, the possibility cannot be excluded a priori, also given the enormous media coverage that is being granted to the game.