Elden Ring: found out how to pause the game

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A player recently discovered a trick to pause Elden Ring. Let’s find out all the details in this news

Elden Ring has finally been with us for a few days (here you can find our review about it) and if you are among those who have decided to tackle this colossal work, you too may have realized the lack of a real break. It seems that a user, however, has discovered how to overcome this problem complained by many, simply by exploiting a game trick, in all probability not foreseen by programmers.

Here’s how to pause Elden Ring

In a matter of days from the official launch, From Software’s latest effort has already managed to garner numerous acclaim from the public and critics. In spite of the general difficulty of the experience (a characteristic element of the genre to which the work belongs) it therefore seems that the game has already managed to enter the hearts of many. However, there is also another slice of users who have instead openly complained about the difficulty of Elden Ring, in which it seems not technically possible even to pause the game.

With a tweet on his official profile, the user and youtuber Iron Pineapple, however, shared a particular trick to actually stop the action on the screen. In fact, it seems that by selecting the Menu Explanation option from the inventory, it is possible to call up a text screen that will actually pause the game. This is obviously a ploy, and as such it could be modified with a patch in the future, however to date this seems to be the only way to catch your breath in the middle of the action. We remind you that if you are looking for tips and tricks on how to face your adventure in the interregnum, find our guide here.

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