Elden Ring: guide to the best spells

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Like any good self-respecting RPG, in Elden Ring you can experiment with many different spells from each other, and consequently decide on what to focus on to create your favorite build: well, with this article we will offer you a guide to the best spells, so that you can optimize the build

As by now From Software has accustomed us with theirs RPG, developing your character’s build correctly is a fundamental aspect to take into consideration to avoid having too many problems during the fights. Among swords, shields and ranged weapons, one of the fundamental aspects to be able to manage is the Magic. Between damage spells and other healing spells, in Elden Ring you will have the opportunity to start with minor spells (such as Stone Stone Pebble and Flame Capture) and then work up to much stronger spells. Well, in this guide we will see which are the best spells in Elden Ring, so you can optimize your build.

Spells and sorceries

Before starting to list the best spells on Elden Ring, there is a necessary distinction to be made first. There are two categories of spells in Elden Ring: spells and sorceries. They differ in several respects: for example, most sorceries base their strength on how many points are spent in intelligencewhile spells tend to focus on faith (excluding the few anomalies, such as spells that require arcane points or strength points). Another big difference is the tools with which the two spells are cast: to cast sorceries you use i stickswhile for spells i seals. In general, it was also found that most of the witchcraft are magie offensive, so focus on dealing damage; spells, on the other hand, are capable of inflicting damage, but also of cure and empower.

Elden Ring: guide to the best spells

Best Witchcraft Part 1 – Elden Ring: Guide to the Best Spells

Swift Stonebreaker Shard It may not be the most powerful spell, but it is quick and practical to deal with most basic enemies. In fact, for the clashes against standard soldiers, exiles or various types of insects, a few Swift Stone Sculpture Shards will be enough to get away with it. This witchcraft can be learned from Sellen at the Ruined Rest Point (in exchange for 600 runes) after giving her the Parchment of the Academyfound in a cemetery near the Church of Irith when you enter the Liurnia dei Laghi.

Scheggiacometa of Scintipietra is the slower but more effective version of Scheggia di Scintipietra Veloce. In fact, Scheggiacometa di Scintipietra is moving a little slower, but deals more damage. We therefore suggest that you alternate this sorcery and Swift StoneShard on the fly depending on the enemy you face. As mentioned before, if there are a group of low-level enemies, Swift StoneShard will suffice, while the CometShard is needed to better manage the biggest enemies attacking alone. It too can be learned from Sellen for 1200 runes after giving it the Pergamena del Conspectuslocated in the Raya Lucaria Academy near the Point of Grace.

The spell Kite is a colossus that can be used to inflict devastating damage on enemies. If you need a heavier alternative to other sorceries, use Comet to unleash a huge explosion which will end most fights with ease. Since this costs more AP to cast, we recommend that you don’t abuse it and wait to use it at the right time. You can find Comet in the Raya Lucaria Academyusing a secret passage just before the Debate Room, where the Red Wolf of Radagon.

Elden Ring: guide to the best spells

Best Witchcraft Part 2 – Elden Ring: Best Spells Guide

Continuing with the guide on the best spells of Elden Ring, let’s see the Arch of Loretta, a great sorcery to deal with the toughest enemies. Allows you to challenge a big magic bow that throws huge stonebreaker arrows against enemies. You can also charge this spell to make the arrow deal more damage, so it’s perfect for hitting larger slow-moving enemies (i.e. boss mainly). This can be achieved by defeating the Royal Guard Lorettawho is the boss of the Cariano Manor. In particular, the Cariano Manor is located in the north-east of the Liurnia dei Laghi region.

While it is the norm with spells in general to hit from a distance, you also have options for the close combat it’s important. Even if you have the option to equip, along with the staff, swords and so on in the second hand, a better option may be Cariano engraver. It is a spell that allows you to summon one magic sword, thanks to which you can do melee damage, chaining various attacks to achieve some basic but still useful combos. You can learn Carian Engraver from Sellen for 1500 runes after you give her the Parchment of the Royal Housewhich in turn is located in the southern part of Lake Agheel.

Last but not least among the witchcraft, Meteoritewhich will allow you to inflict extensive area damage. This witchcraft, precisely because of the latter fact, proves to be suitable to face large enemy groups: it will make it rain meteorites in the surrounding area, damaging all enemies and thinning out the groups in the first place and then proceed with other tactics to eliminate the remaining enemies. Meteorite can be obtained near the Cariano Manor, where the Arch of Loretta is also located. You have to go to the area behind Maniero Cariano to find the Eternal Galley of the Royal Tombwhere the boss is Alabaster Champion: beat it to get the magic then.

Elden Ring: guide to the best spells

The best spells, part 1 – Elden Ring: guide to the best spells

Moving on to the actual spells (which usually depend on the Faith and do not require a stick), we first see one of the most basic but one of the most useful: Treatment. If you find that you have run out of Sacred flasks during a particularly tough fight, you can in fact use a small amount of PA to heal you quickly. This is a spell that can help in several difficult situations, so it’s best to keep it equipped in a slot, especially if you haven’t found many Gold Seeds and Sacred Tears to upgrade the Sacred Flasks. Those who use the class of the Prophet they will start with this spell, but it can also be learned by Brother Corhyn in the Round Table Fortress.

Approach of the Assassin allows you to move silently, offering a very useful advantage when exploring the game world. While it won’t prove useful in boss fights, as you can’t hide from them, Assassin’s Approach can be used. to quickly overcome enemies and move to areas that would otherwise be dangerous. If you can sneak up on it behind an enemyyou can also try an easy one backstab. Those who use the class of the Confessor they will begin with this spell, but it can also always be learned from Brother Corhyn in the Round Table Fortress.

Slingshot of Flame it is a simple but effective spell. This is the traditional fireball spell, which creates a flaming sphere that is thrown at enemies for massive damage. It’s an excellent spell to use as a basic attack, as it costs very few AP to cast. Flame Slingshot can also be learned from Brother Corhyn in the Round Table Fortress for 800 runes.

Elden Ring: guide to the best spells

The best spells, part 2 – Elden Ring: guide to the best spells

Proceeding with the last 3 best spells of this guide for Elden Ring, let’s see the more advanced ones. Let’s start from Flames of Frenzygreat spell if you need magic to do it area damage. Instead of summoning a fireball to throw at the enemy, Flames of Frenzy causes flames to erupt from the eyes that deal damage to nearby enemies. In this case, the casting time is longer, so you have to get away from the crowd before casting. You can find Flames of Frenzy at Baptistery of Callussouth of Limgrave in the Wailing Peninsula.

Claw of the Dragon instead it is a powerful melee attack that can be used to inflict massive damage on any enemy in front of the character. This is a great option against some difficult bossfightsbut be careful because the casting time is quite long also in this case: you will have to be very patient and wait the right time window to launch it. You can get Dragon’s Claw by carrying a Dragon heartearned by killing dragons, at The Church of the Communion of the Dragon at Limgrave.

Last, but not least, let’s talk about Flame, purify me. Effects such as rot and poison can be big thorns in the side, being effects capable of slowly killing even the most resistant of builds: in addition to the option of crafting consumables for healing, you can use your own Flame, Purify me that immediately removes the two effects from your character. This spell is located on a cliff northwest of the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Elden Ring: guide to the best spells


Having now finished seeing all the best spells on Elden Ring, we just have to wish you all have fun in your game. If you take a look at our dedicated section, you will find numerous guides on Elden Ring who can offer you further help in your gaming experience. To name a few, we have: guide to the best armor, where to find the map fragments, where to find the meteor staff, and finally guide to the best weapons.

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