In Russia TikTok sospende live streaming e nuovi caricamenti thumbnail

In Russia TikTok suspends live streaming and new uploads

In Russia TikTok suspends live streaming and new thumbnail uploads

TikTok he decided to suspend live streams and the upload of new videos for those in Russia. A decision born after the entry into force of the new media lawstrongly supported by President Vladimir Putin.

In a long Twitter post (split into 3 parts), the Chinese platform writes:
“TikTok is a medium for creativity and entertainment that can provide relief and human contact in wartime, when people face immense tragedy and isolation. Unfortunately, however, the safety of our employees and our users remains our priority. In light of the new law against “fake news”, we have no choice but to suspend livestreaming and uploading new content on our platform as we review the security implications of this law. Our internal messaging system will not be affected by this decision.
We will continue to follow the evolution of what is happening in Russia to understand if it will be possible to restore our services safely ”.

A further study on how TikTok is managing the situation is available on the official website, updated yesterday with the latest decision taken by the Chinese platform.

We remind you that TikTok is not the only media to have taken this path. RAI has also decided to suspend the services of envoys in Russia as the risk is to face 15 years in prison for using now banned words, such as “war” or “invasion”.

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