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Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

In Elden Ring, the upgrades given by talismans will grant some of the best bonuses to facilitate the challenges faced in the game world

More than a week after the launch of Elden Ring, the latest work of the renowned software house headed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the title has consolidated as one of the most popular games ever, both by critics and the general public, leading FromSoftware to further rise as one of the most successful videogame houses. Their new game has exceeded 700 thousand users connected simultaneously on Steam only on the first day of release, and in addition to the enviable reviews given by the specialized press, it also found itself occupying the first positions in online resale sites, being one of the games most requested in its launch week. This impressive achievement was undoubtedly the result of years of work and great commitmentaccompanied by the diffusion that the souls titles have had in recent years.

Elden Ring has some distinct aspects different from the titles made so far from Miyazaki’s team, yet long-time fans will still be satisfied with its gameplay, definitely geared towards that present in soulslike. In fact, even though Elden Ring was advertised as an experience more open to novices, this does not mean that it does not present features already seen in the souls. An example of this are undoubtedly the Talismans, tools that are more than useful with theirs bonuses and enhancement effects, capable of guaranteeing advantages that at times can even affect one’s result in a battle. In this guide, we’re going to see which are the best Elden Ring Talismans.

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Before introducing the best Talismans found in Elden Ring, let’s see in detail what exactly the objects we are talking about are: the Talismans are accessories that can be equipped, very similar to the rings that can be collected within the Dark Souls saga. They offer different types of effects and bonuses, which are thus used to accompany your playing style. They are also very affordable because they find a much longer lasting role of consumable items, but some variants turn out to be much more powerful than others. At the beginning of the game you will start with only one slot for the talismans, but three more can then be unlocked by defeating three specific bosses throughout the Elden Ring story: Margit, Rennala, Godfrey. In this guide of ours, we will therefore list six Talismans that will certainly be advantageous for the purposes of your adventure in the Interregnum.

Golden Scarab Talisman – Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

Let’s start the list of the best Talismans that can be found in Elden Ring with the one that will be incisive in the course of their rune farming campaigns. Being the official currency in the game world, having it in abundance will never be a bad thing, as it will allow you to buy items from merchants, level up your character and unlock upgrades of most of the equipment you will get. Killing enemies and bosses will earn you a reasonable amount of runes, but each time you level up more and more will be needed to go to the next one, and even evolving your own weapons will become a difficult option. Here then is the Talisman Golden beetle comes to the rescue, guaranteeing a 20% increase in runes obtained from defeating enemiesi.

To get it, however, you will have to go to the perilous area of ​​Caelid, perhaps using a shortcut very close to the beginning of the Tomb, crossing the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. From there, we will head towards the Abandoned Caves, where the Talisman will eventually be found. The entrance will be covered with brambles, but they can be crossed through a path made by tree branches. Unfortunately, one’s path will present itself with further complications, including scarlet swamp rot and poison thrown by enemies. Reached a wall of fog, you will have to defeat two mini-bosses, the fearsome Cavalieri Cleanrot armed with spear and scythe; it is suggested to summon a spirit in case you are still at a low level.

Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

Talisman of the Mother Tree Favor – Elden Ring: guide to the best talismans

Now let’s move on to another of the best Elden Ring Talismans, which this time around will provide an increase in maximum health, stamina and carrying capacity. It can be collected in the Fringefolk Hero’s Cave, and the Golden Seed and the spiritual ashes of Oleg the Bandit Knight. Plus, you don’t even need to fight bosses to do this. But there is a but: it will be necessary to possess two Swordstone keys to clear the way, avoiding the death traps on wheels until you reach a point where the path narrows. From there on, you can fall towards a hidden area underneath. Also in this section there will be various traps and enemies, and then you will reach an area with an altar at the end, where the Talisman will be found.

It goes without saying that here too you will have to clash with gods decidedly tough enemies as soon as you cross another narrow path; two Grafted Scions they will block both sides of the road, and if you are at low levels it will be an extremely difficult battle, even more so considering the very narrow combat area. We therefore recommend run past the Scion ahead, rushing to the talisman. In case you end up dying, you will still have the Talisman in your inventory once you respawn; other variants of the Talisman will be glimpsed throughout the game, and will further increase the fundamental aspects.

Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

Radagon Icon Talisman – Elden Ring: guide to the best talismans

The Talisman ofRadagon icon it will be useful for those who use a build based on magic, and is strongly recommended especially for the way it shortens the casting time of sorceries and spells. The Talisman will hide inside the Raya Lucaria Academyand will be available after defeating the mini-boss Red Wolf of Radagon. From the place of Grace you will exit the door and then immediately turn right and turn towards the back corner, seeing from there a secondary path towards a balcony, with a staircase at the end. Climbing the staircase, you will be able to see a broken window from which to enter, and which will lead to the upper floor of the debate room. Heading right, you will find a chest with the Icon of Radagon inside.

Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

Green Turtle Talisman – Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

Also this cute little turtle it turns out to be actually one of the best Talismans to get in Elden ring: it will affect one of the most important mechanics in the game, stamina. With this talisman you will be able to increase the speed of stamina recovery, a rather crucial effect for a FromSoftware title. In addition, it will not be that difficult to find the aforementioned accessory, and the same goes for the actions to be taken to obtain it. The only requirement will be a Swordstone Key.

When you get hold of it, you have to go to the Summonwater Village, east of the Sepulcride, with the place of Grace located outside the periphery. Once there you will continue to the east of the village, thus finding of the steps that will lead into the subsoil after removing the fog with the Key. Normally, one would expect to run into some mini-boss in this area, but in reality it will be discovered that it is inhabited exclusively by of the tender and harmless turtles. Once through, you will need to open a door towards the end, then find a chest containing the Talisman of the Green Turtle.

Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

Dragon Crest Shield Talisman – Elden Ring: guide to the best talismans

As you may have noticed by now, most of the best Elden Ring Talismans will be complex to obtain if you are at a little advanced level, and also for that of the Dragon Crest Shield, capable of canceling the physical damage, the question will be similar to the previous ones, although it can be collected quite early in one’s adventure. However, it will be found in a hidden and potentially dangerous position, in the Bestial Sanctuary in Caelid. Usually, to get there you would have to follow a difficult path starting from Sepolcride, also confronting with an extremely tough boss at the entrance. But here’s the good news: There is an unlockable teleporter in the area, located just north of Marika’s Third Church at the base of the cliff, hidden behind a bush.

Speaking with D at Summonwater Village north of the Sepulcris, he will ask the player to defeat the Tibia Mariner near there. After doing this, Round Table D should reveal the teleportation to the Sanctuary. Once you get to the Sanctuary, you will have to go out and go towards the edge of the cliff, noticing other structures below it. To reach them safely, to the north-west you will be able to identify large protuberant roots, which will act as platforms to go down.

Arrived at the structures, it will be necessary to go down further taking advantage of any edge will seem useful to continue their descent. He is advised to use your own horse for more cumbersome jumps, and to watch out for some bats that will disturb the journey. Finally arrived in the lowest possible parts, you will have to follow the path until you pass a platform with a corpse containing a Cinqueda dagger. Further on there will be another corpse, from which the Talisman will be obtained.

Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

Pearldrake’s Talisman – Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

We come to the last of our list of the best Talismans obtainable in Elden Ring, which unlike the last goes to increase the denial of non-physical harm, therefore the elemental one given by magical attacks and the like. It also comes with some variations, but here we will focus on how to get the “basic” version from the start. From Four Belfries in Liurna they will find themselves three teleporterseach requesting one Chiave Imbued Sword to be activated.

If they have not yet been collected, there is one in a trunk up above. Activating the first teleport, you will go up towards the Crumbling Farum Azula, an area reserved for the more advanced stages of the game. You will be able to “fall” down to other collapsing platforms, and in one there will also be two powerful enemies armed with spears and long range weapons. By jumping to another platform towards the edge, you will find a corpse with the Pearldrake Talisman. To escape the place, you can either die and respawn at Grace’s last site, or kill the two enemies and make the quick trip.

Elden Ring: guide to the best Talismans

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