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DC League of Super-Pets: the new cartoon

DC League of Super-Pets, will be the new cartoon in the original language, where the Batman character will have the voice of Keanu Reeves

For all super hero lovers Batmanand for those who have already seen The Batmanstarring actor Robert Pattinson, now get ready for a Bruce Wayne totally different.

One Batman no longer dark and lonely but very energetic and with a great desire to joke.

The new cartoon, entitled DC League of Super-Pets, it is in the original language, it is not only Batman will be voiced by Keanu Reeves, but Krypto (Superman’s dog) will instead be voiced by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

DC League of Super-Pets: the new cartoon

Dc Leagues of Super-Pets: trama del cartone

In Dc Leagues of Super-Pets, the real heroes, protagonists of the story are not the human super heroes. In fact, history assumes that Superman, Batmanand the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped.

Leaving in command Krypto Superman’s adorable, faithful and inseparable dog, who will have to resolve the situation.

And it does, by forming a super squad of pets belonging to the other characters in the Justice League.

The team in DC League of Super-Petswill be formed by, of course Kryptofrom another cane named Ace(cane di Batman), PBgive one little pig (of Wonder Woman), from one Chip squirrel and from one turtle named Mcsnurtle this Merton (by Flash).

DC League of Super-Pets: the new cartoon

Once the new team is reunited Krypto he will teach everyone else how to harness their powers, how to work together, and become the super heroes they were meant to be.

Trying to obviously defeat the antagonist of the story, a certain one Luluand save the world and the Justice League.

Documentation and cast: DC League of Super-Pets

Originally DC League of Super-Pets it was a comic spin-off released in 1962created by Jerry Seal e Curt Swan.

As original voices instead we have: as already said for the voice of the character of Batman: Keanu Reevesand for Krypto, the voice of Dwayne Johnson.

Then for all the other members of DC League of Super-Pets we find as original voices, however Ace (cane di Batman), Kevin Hart, per PB (Wonder Woman piglet), Vanessa Bayer, per Merton (Flash turtle), Natasha Lyonne, et al Chip (squirrel) we have Diego Luna.

For the voice of human Superman instead we find the mythical and fantastic John Krasinski, where he is not the main character for the first time. To leave room in this case for four-legged heroes.

Release and preview of the film: DC League of Super-Pets

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