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Elden Ring: how to play online, between co-op and pvp

For all the Senzaluce eager to play together, the Elden Ring co-op allows you to die together: here’s how to access the online

Let’s be clear: the multiplayer it’s not just a popular aspect of Souls and soulslike, but for some to be able to play in co-op it is essential to overcome certain bosses, and as can be easily understood, Elden Ring is no exception. Online, whether cooperative or competitive, is certainly not lacking; however, accessing the function is not necessarily intuitive for this. You will need them specific tools and steps to follow to explore the Interregnum in company, and the game is not particularly in the mood for explanations to that effect. But fear not: we are here to come to your aid, in the same way that other players will soon be.

You will have to invoke them yourself with a remedy of invoking wrong finger. Doing so will allow you to see the other players’ summoning symbols on the ground. By interacting with us, you can call the player to help you. Remember that the golden signs represent allies, while the red ones stand for opponents. That’s right: you can summon other players just to challenge them! Each Lightless can call up to two additional allies for their assistance in battle. The remedy is also obtainable in other ways, however: let’s see together what else is needed to play together.


In Elden Ring, playing co-op requires a remedy of the invoking wrong finger, but those who know how to do it can get it using the right ingredients. If you have the mother leaf flowers, you can recreate the remedies of the invoking wrong finger: you should do it, as these are disposable tools with which you can evoke allies to the bitter end. Clearly, if you and your allies were to perish in battle, you’d have to use another summoning wrong finger remedy, so make sure you don’t waste them. Of course, that’s not the only alternative way to summon other players.

In fact, it is also possible to use the evocation basin; Fortunately, they can be found in the same areas that contain a boss. You can recognize them by the statues representing a person hanging from a crucifix. Interacting with us will allow you to summon any other player who has left their invocation mark at the same spot using a small gold effigy. This tool is obtainable by examining any one effigy of the martyr at First step. And as far as summoning players is concerned, that’s all; however, it is not a one-way street.

Elden Ring: how to play online, between co-op and pvp

Let Your Mom Call Out – Elden Ring: How To Play Co-Op

Elden Ring players can in fact also contribute to the co-op in another way, and as you may have guessed we are talking about being invoked to help others play. Even in this case, however, it is necessary to have the necessary tools: we allude to Wrong finger of Senzaluce. Browse the Place of Grace the Abandoned cemetery: corpses will provide you with what you seek. You will find it before going up to Step One, and (contrary to the remedy of the invoking wrong finger) it is not a single use tool. It is not always possible to place the signs that allow one’s invocation, however.

There are areas that don’t allow this, but if you want to play it safe place your sign in any area containing a boss. The ideal, in this sense, is to use the places of grace to leave your “business card” or, even better, near the foggy walls that signal the presence of a boss. As we said in our opening words, however, you do not live by cooperation alone: ​​it is also possible to set foot in the game world of the other Senzaluce without bringing the best intentions with you. Without expecting others to welcome hostile intentions, of course.

Elden Ring: how to play online, between co-op and pvp

“Mo I come there and you swollen” – Elden Ring: how to play in co-op

Part of the DNA of the Souls series (and the entire soulslike genre) is the possibility of to invade the matches of others. The feature is also present here, and works in a similar way to what is seen in the other FromSoftware titles. To invade another player’s game world, you will need the purulent bleeding fingeracquired by the non-player character Varre. Using this tool will pit you against another random wayfarer in a location within your radius of invocation. Your purpose, once the interdimensional journey has been made, will clearly be to eliminate it.

Similar to what we have said so far, you can summon an opponent by leaving a red mark on the ground. To do this you will need the Wrong finger of the duelistavailable from the corpses hanging from the Colosseum of Colle Tempesta. Basically it’s like placing a cooperative sign, but it will send you to the other player’s world to defeat it. As opponents, you can use the slicer to return to your world before eliminating the opponent. The tool can also be used to send your ally home. It doesn’t work to banish whoever just invaded youUnfortunately.

Elden Ring: how to play online, between co-op and pvp

Summon Radius Restrictions – Elden Ring: How to Play Co-Op

To keep things fair and balanced, FromSoftware has implemented a restriction to the summoning range, which brings only two players together. This feature has been seen in other chapters of the Souls series, including Bloodborne. As the apple never falls far from the tree, Elden Ring is no exception. At the moment it is not known very well which is the formula that determines the radius of invocation, but this does not mean that no discovery has been made about it. On the contrary, we have data, and however meager they may be, there is a high possibility that they will prove vital to you.

The player level and the maximum level of weapons used they are still more than fundamental factors. In that sense, you should also keep in mind the pachydermic memory of the title itself. In the calculation of the weapon level the game will also remember the strongest weapon you have ever held in your hand. Even if you were to sell the latter, therefore, the game will still take this into account, guaranteeing you pain with all the other players who will be happy to send you to the Creator in a few simple moves. There is no way around the harsh law of levels… even if, come to think of it, there is a half-way out.

Elden Ring: how to play online, between co-op and pvp

The watchword is always swordfish

By visiting the Elden Ring multiplayer menu, to make things easier for you if you want to play in co-op there are restrictions such as password that you can set. This way, only players with the same password can be invoked… or invoke you. This can make life easier for those who only want to play with specific friends. While setting a password can bypass the invocation radius, whoever comes to visit you will find themselves weakened in the statistics if they are of a higher level. In other words, then, don’t expect to take advantage of his progress if he’s ahead of you. But be careful: passwords cannot prevent invasions… Only a switched off router can do it!

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