iPhone SE 2020 resterà sul mercato con un prezzo tagliato del 50%? thumbnail

Will iPhone SE 2020 remain on the market with a price cut by 50%?

Apple is preparing to launch a new iPhone SE that could hit the market under the name of iPhone SE 5G replacing the 2020 model. Waiting for more confirmations in this sense, the hypothesis is growing that the arrival of the new smartphone does not translate into an immediate exit from the scene of the current iPhone SE 2020. The smartphone, launched about two years ago, it could remain on the market but with a reduced price.

iPhone SE 2020 could record a price cut and remain in production

According to what was anticipated by Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, the launch of the new iPhone SE 5G may not lead to the farewell of the current iPhone SE 2020. The smartphone could remain on the market with a significantly reduced price. Gurman speculates a price list cut from $ 399 to $ 199. With this price, despite its small size, iPhone SE 2020 could immediately become one of the reference smartphones on the market, thanks to its still excellent performance.

The goal is to increase the number of users

In this way, Apple could carve out one even more space in various developing markets where the purchase price is an essential element to record high volumes. Recall that Apple aims to further strengthen its services division. By increasing the number of users thanks to a new cheap iPhone, therefore, there would be the possibility of achieving this goal.

More details on the matter will come in the coming weeks.

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