Elden Ring: Insiders point towards an appearance at E3 2021

A ring to bring them all, and in the hype chain them: Jeff Grubb strikes again, indicating an opening of E3 2021 with Elden Ring

The presence atE3 2021 of Elden Ring it was something we all hoped for, but not without a hint of fear. A more than likely presence at Geoff’s “The Game Awards” Keighley, il Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live Show. An unofficial channel on Twitter, which keeps track of the game news day by day, after days of constant hints at the opening ceremony alluded with an acrostic to the possibility of seeing in eight days (“Guys, today I have hope. ? “, The English phrase whose initials form”Eight days“) The game, or June 10 if we take time zones into account.

E3 2021 is eight days away, hoping Elden Ring will return

To make this a real news is the retweet of the post that alluded to the presence of Elden Ring at E3 2021. As often happens, this is Jeff Grubb, who commented during the sharing phase, adding “today I feel optimistic”. The news, it seems, was such as to make the announcement a new episode of Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess right now in the first reply to the retweet. Among the arguments there will be, apparently, “the release of Geoff Keighley”, regarding the “videogame prison” in which he jokingly put Geoff Keighley for mentioning the game at the last Game Awards.

Just to complicate things, Geoff Keighley promptly tweeted a photo of a pseudo-fortune cookie note. The printed message alludes to the receipt of “an unexpected gift from an acquaintance”. Keighley later retweeted a photo of a solar eclipse expected for the same day. Recall that the resulting image is that of a ring, to further allude to the game. The reveal, or rather the new reveal, of the title for PS5 e PS4 it could therefore be really imminent.

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