Elden Ring: main quest duration revealed!

Elden Ring main quest duration revealed. This was revealed by Yasuhiro Kitao. Let’s find out all the details in this news dedicated to the next From Software title

Elden Ring, now a month after its release, continues to be talked about and does so above all following the presentation made on the occasion of the Taipei Game Show with Yasuhiro Kitao. The producer of From Software talked about a number of details related to the game developed in collaboration with George R.R. Martin, including the entry into the gold phase and the presence of a patch on day one and, moreover, unveiled the duration of the Elden Ring main quest.

Elden Ring: the duration of the main quest is around 30 hours

The time of the main quest of Elden Ring settles around 30 ore. This was stated by Kitao himself, who spoke about the hours that will be necessary to complete what we can define: “the main campaign”. The game was conceived, created and developed following this principle of 30 hours. A balanced duration according to From Software considering the breadth (and, let’s add, the difficulty) of the title. Clearly this is a duration that will vary according to the experience of each player.

Elden Ring: main quest duration revealed!

The variability of the duration of the title will clearly be influenced by a number of factors. The desire to explore, the difficulty in progressing, the deepening or not of certain aspects of the plot and gameplay and so on and so forth. What do you think about it? Did you expect a few more or less hours? Will you proceed straight to the end of the main quest or aspire to the coveted platinum? Answer all these questions by leaving a comment in the appropriate section!

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