Elden Ring: new details for story and setting

On the official Elden Ring website, many new details have appeared relating to the history and settings of the awaited From Software title

It thundered so much that it rained, and at last the long-awaited day has arrived: yesterday evening, as we have promptly reported, during the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, Elden Ring has finally shown up in a new trailer, complete with a long-awaited release date. And for the occasion also the official website of the production, which sees at the helm From Software e George R. R. Martin, has been updated, and now features new story information and other elements.

Elden Ring: details for history and setting

According to the site, the story will revolve around the fragments of theElden Ring, the source of the power ofErdtree, in search of which numerous entities such as demigods have launched themselves, the progeny of Queen Marika and many others. Known as Great Rune, such fragments could cause a fierce war, called The Shattering, which would lead to the abandonment of the Greater Will, a mysterious and great power that the player will encounter at some point in the game. Task of the player, in the role of Tarnished, will be to stand before theElden Ring and become theLord of the Hand, so as to ideally put an end to the conflict.

Elden Ring: new details for story and setting

The protagonist will be a dead man who still lives, an element that seems to be an ideal point in common with Dark Souls. In addition to learning about further aspects of theElden Ring, the player will also meet a certain number of characters, each driven by their own motivations, who can turn out to be both allies and enemies. Obviously there will also be monstrous creatures and opponents characterized by a deep background.

We remind you that the game is scheduled for Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, PC and Xbox One, with a release date set for January 21, 2022.

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