Elden Ring ranks first on Steam but reviews are mixed

Elden Ring: ecco le classi iniziali del gioco e tante altre novità thumbnail

As expected, given the wait behind the new FromSoftware title, Elden Ring immediately jumped to the top of Steam’s most played titles of the moment. The game has in fact passed Lost Ark smoothly, with a peak of 764,000 concurrent players and a solid average of 600,000 users. Record figures obviously, which give the figure of how much this game was expected.

Elden Ring is Steam’s most played game

At the moment, the ranking of the most played titles on Valve’s platform sees Elden Ring at the top of the list, closely followed by Lost Ark and Counter Strike Global Offensive. Immediately after and with a discreet detachment we find instead DOTA 2, PUBG Battlegrounds and Apex Legends, which still manage to hold up despite the highly played giants released in recent weeks.

Here is the top ten:

  • 600,735 Elden Ring
  • 464,125 Lost Ark
  • 458,826 Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • 316,314 Dota 2
  • 248,255 PUBG Battlegrounds
  • 182,928 Apex Legends
  • 120,382 Destiny 2
  • 80,224 Naraka Bladepoint
  • 72,967 Team Fortress 2
  • 71,639 Grand Theft Auto

However, it must be emphasized that the situation is not all pink and flowers: in fact, if we take a look at the Elden Ring ratings on PC we find that the game has an “average” rating compared to some very user reviews. negative: the reason? Simple, the game would have been very badly optimized by FromSoftware, which makes it the subject of various technical problems.

In any case, it is a problem linked solely to the PC world, and that is not even surprising, given the lack of experience of the software house from this point of view. The hope is that with ad hoc patches these problems will be solved, also considering the great quality of the playful mixture of the new FromSoftware game.