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Text chat arrives (finally) on Clubhouse

The Clubhouse App finally gives in to the function of text chat. Just yesterday, in fact, the platform announced for users the possibility of writing their opinions in a chat inside the Rooms. An unusual feature for an audio-only App, but strongly desired by its audience. On the other hand, in very large rooms or in those in which little-known speakers manage the conversation, the chat could be the only way to guarantee the participation of users. So let’s go find out something more.

Clubhouse: App launches text chat

“Today we are introducing the in-room chat that will allow users – from mods to listeners in the audience – to communicate with each other through messages during a live room”, announced the Clubhouse App in a post. on his official blog. “For creators, in-room chat will offer another point of contact with the audience in a room and provide a way to get real-time feedback. We hope this will make it much easier to conduct quick polls or get questions from the audience and take engagement to the next level. ” A well-structured feature, which might give creators some trouble about moderation.

For this reason, Clubhouse has developed some useful systems to help creators prevent the conversation from escalating. It is up to them, for example, to decide whether or not to enable chat inside a Room. But they can also choose to add moderators to give them the task of deleting offensive messages or expelling users who disturb the conversation. Or they can report all those messages that go against the guidelines of the platform itself. This is to emphasize that the chat on the Clubhouse App is not only functional and practical, but also safe. In short, just what users expected by now from a little.

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