Elden Ring: Record Ratings for FromSoftware’s New Game

Elden Ring is officially the game with the highest grade point average of Open Critic, managing to break the previous record held by Super Mario Odyssey. For the uninitiated, this platform is an international reality that stands as a competitor of Metacritic, thus collecting the evaluations of the press to create an average rating for each video game.

Elden Ring: vote for the record

Although Elden Ring is positioned at the top step of the Open Critic podium, the game shares the same average rating as Super Mario Odyssey, which is a great 97/100. FromSoftware’s new work has been rewarded by almost all of the international and local press and, having experienced it firsthand, we can only confirm the general sentiment.

Elden Ring is in fact the maximum sum of the already excellent titles of the software house, managing at the same time to be familiar and different for all those who have loved the Souls formula in recent years. It is no coincidence that during the day yesterday, the game was subject to a great many perfect scoreto underline the incredible playful impact that the Interregnum guarantees to the players.

However, immediately after Elden Ring and Super Mario Odyssey we find The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while in the Top 10 of OpenCritic they also appear Red Dead Redemption 2GTA V, God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, Persona 5 Royal, Persona 5 and Hades, all titles of a certain depth.

As for the more famous Metacritic, Elden Ring’s Metascore fluctuates between 94 and 97 depending on the platform being considered, although clearly these are ratings that are likely to change again over the course of the weeks as the game has yet to receive a rating from a part of the press that received the game too late to warrant a review by the end of the day. ’embargo.

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