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The review of the Lindy LH500XW headphones with active noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation, 40 mm neodymium transducers, rubberized keys placed on the synthetic leather earpads and all the accessories you need: these are the main features of the Lindy LH500XW.
But how do they behave on the pitch? We tell you about it in this one review.

The Lindy LH500XW review

Lindy it’s a German company and no, it’s not just born. In fact this company was founded in 1932 by Kurt Lindenberg in a small apartment in Breslau.
At the beginning it was a small business, one of those forced to close its doors during the Second World War. However, Mr. Linderberg did not give up and reopened the company in 1947 in Mannheim, dealing first with oil lamps and simple electrical appliances and then with radios and televisions. Over time, the company has further expanded its horizons, also dealing with consoles and IT, as well as expanding into other countries.

Today the company operates in 90 countries with 15 sales offices around the world, including Italy.

Among the products currently on sale we also find the LH500XW, a pair of active noise canceling headphones that work both wired and via Bluetooth.

Packaging and design

Lindy LH500XW recensione

Lindy’s LH500XWs are cuffie over-ear. This means the pavilion is designed to wrap the ear with pads covered in synthetic leather which make long-term use quite comfortable.
Also pavilions can rotate 90 ° as well you can put the headphones around your neck when you are not using them, without having to take them off completely.

The controls located on both pavilions are also very convenient. On the left we have the buttons to adjust the volume and change track and the Play / Pause button which also acts as an on and off button; immediately below we have the indicator light that signals the status of the headphones and the jack for the 3.5 mm cable. On the right we find the ring to adjust the volume, the switch for activating and deactivating active noise cancellation and another status LED, this time linked to the ANC.
A little note: the volume of the headphones and the volume of the device to which they are connected are independent. This means that you may have the maximum possible volume on your smartphone but barely perceive the music because the headphones are set to minimum.

Lindy LH500XW frets review

Finally, we come to the materials, with the soul of the metal headband and the rest of the headphones in plastic. Overall they are pretty sturdy, albeit with a few too many creaks.

Lindy has decided to provide the end user with a hard case for carrying the headphones. Inside we find a pocket that includes the audio cable, to connect them via 3.5 mm jack, the microUSB cable for chargingthe adapter for the dual jack inputs on the aircraft and finally that to go from 3.5 to 6.35 mm, very convenient for those who want to use these headphones with amplifiers or musical instruments. A nice feature that increases the versatility of the product.

Daily use

Lindy LH500XW audio quality review

The Lindy LH500XW exploit driver da 40 mm and support the codec aptX. The acoustic experience isn’t among the brightest in its class with the mids that are well balanced but the highs and lows that seem instead somewhat penalized.
The microphone is also not entirely convincing. It allows you to handle calls without difficulty but the voice becomes a bit tinny and loses naturalness.

Noise cancellation performs well. Do not expect the same results offered by much more expensive headphones than the Lindy LH500XW but they still manage to eliminate 85% of external noise and, overall, to guarantee a good level of isolation both inside a noisy office and on public transport. .

Instead, the drums were promoted with about 15 hours of autonomy. We covered two days full of work without difficulty, without sacrifices and above all without worrying in any way about running out of energy.

Lindy LH500XW review: is it worth it?

The Lindy LH500XW are for sale in € 103.27 + VAT. It is an interesting positioning that however puts them in direct competition with products that offer something more from the point of view of the sound experience, such as the Sony WH-CH700 or the Fresh’n Rebel Clam ANC.
On Amazon, however, you can find them discounted at about € 67, price that certainly increases its appeal. However, they are not suitable for audiophiles or those who focus primarily on the sound experience. However, Lindy’s over-ear headphones could satisfy those who want a product with ANC and a good battery, capable of adapting to any situation and designed to be transported without difficulty to any place thanks to the convenient case supplied.

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