Elden Ring: le migliori classi per iniziare

Elden Ring: the best classes to start

In this guide we will talk about the best classes with which to face the difficult Interregnum of Elden Ring

And lo and behold the day has come: Elden Ring has finally found its release, after several years of deathly silencefears of a possible cancellation, hopes revived e postponements at the last minute that have damned the souls of many players. And yet, in the end, the highly anticipated title really hit the shelves dal maestro Hidetaka Miyazakidirector already well-known in the video game industry due to his famous Souls titles.

At this point, nothing will prevent us from going to explore every tunnel on the map, or to discover ravines that keep the most hidden secrets. However, in order to optimally experience what Elden Ring offers, it will be necessary to do pay attention to the type of play style that you will want to apply during your games: the title presents in fact 10 different classes, and that’s quite a large number to figure out which ones are best for us since the beginning of the adventure. In this guide of ours, we will therefore discover the classes that it will be convenient to choose or evaluate once the game is started.

The journey of the fool

Go from being a senzaluce to become a ancestral lord it will not be a walk in the park: despite Elden Ring being considered a game approachable by all, even for those unfamiliar with Souls gameplay, this doesn’t mean it will be easier than Miyazaki’s past creations. While presenting an open-world and totally explorable world, without therefore going to lock the player within a single macro-area, the use of a class fallacious to its own way of playing it could harm more than negatively the experience that will be carried out.

Fortunately, the fact that the number of classes featured in Elden Ring is not low at all it will allow more or less everyone to be able to evaluate the characteristics that they consider best, or that best suit the style they have. The available classes are Hero, Bandit, Astrologer, Warrior, Prisoner, Confessor, Miserable, Wanderer, Prophet and Samurai; among these, five in particular will be taken into consideration before starting a game.

Elden Ring: the best classes to start

Confessor – Elden Ring: the best classes

In Elden Ring, one of the best classes will surely be the Confessor: it is a typology oriented on melee and Faith, and it is optimal in case you want to approach the title alone. In statistics, the attributes of Power e Dexterity, thus bringing the player to be able to use a wide variety of weapons from the start. Even the level of Faith e Mind it is high, and allows you to cast Spells without excessive effort.

At the beginning, the confessor’s skills will be two: Urgent Carewhich will allow you to heal yourself rather quickly, and Killer Approach, which will silence the player’s movements and reduce fall damage enough. As for the first weapons equipped, there will be a Broadsword and an Iron Shield with a blue emblem, which will completely block the physical damage. The advantages of the Confessor are undoubtedly the possibility of having different methods of healing, and a well-structured melee sector.

Elden Ring: the best classes to startWanderer – Elden Ring: Best Classes

For those who wish to keep an experience similar to that of the Souls, the Wanderer class may be the most suitable: it is described as the class of “A traveling knight, exiled from his land. A solid and armored origin ”, and on a visual level it appears as a mix of the more“ traditional ”classes of the Knight and the Wayfarer. The Wanderer starts with two melee weapons of different ranges: the Longsword you own is fast and useful for close combat, while the Halberd helps eliminate enemies in the distance, although it will require more movement to do so. Similarly to the Confessor, the Vagabond too can block 100% damage with the shield.

The Vagabond is one of the best classes in Elden Ring also thanks to its starting statistics: it starts with a high Force which thus contributes to a significant increase in health, and the same goes for Power, which will lead to hitting harder and with more powerful weapons. The main downside to the Wanderer is the lack of long range alternatives; however, the high Dexterity however, it allows you to use bows.

Elden Ring: the best classes to startPrisoner – Elden Ring: Best Classes

Presented to users with a somewhat terrifying outfit and with the face covered by an iron mask, the Prisoner is considered an expert in sorcery, and represents one of two classes based on these abilities (the other would be the Astrologer). Both classes have a high Mind and Dexterity, although for beginners the best choice falls on the Prisoner due to its initial equipment. Looking at the statistics, it is possible to have A good FB reserve with the 12-point Mind; with Dexterity and Intelligence at 14 pointsinstead, these two attributes are made very useful in close or distant combat situations.

The witchcraft the Prisoner begins with is there Glintblade Magica, which allows you to create a blade in seconds. It is obviously not the most powerful sorcery in the game, but it is still useful especially at the beginning. Unlike the Astrologer, who starts the run only with a magic staff and shield, the Prisoner begins with a sword, which means he won’t have to rely on spells early in the game.

Elden Ring: the best classes to start

Hero – Elden Ring: Best Classes

Probably, of the classes present in Elden Ring, the Hero is the most comparable to the traditional role of the Barbarian: it is based on a kind of brutal melee, and for this reason it also has an extremely high Strength. Thanks to this, those who use the Hero class are able to to wield mighty battle axesalso supported by the high Strength and Resistance which guarantee a good amount of health, stamina and load of the equipment. The Hero of Elden Ring also has a weakness in common with one of the best classes we listed above, the Wanderer, as he would have no way of using ranged weapons.

Contrasting with the above stats there will be low levels of Dexterity, Mind, Intelligence e Faith; to bring them to a level sufficient to unlock other skills, which will be useful for using bows, spells or other types of long-range attacks, you will need to spend points. In any case, if you are not particularly interested in using magic of any kind, preferring a more direct physical confrontation instead, well congratulations, this is the perfect class.

Elden Ring: the best classes to start

Prophet – Elden Ring: the best classes

With that of the Prophet, we thus come to the last of the best classes that can be used on Elden Ring, at least when you are a beginner. The Prophet is the total opposite of the Confessor which was introduced earlier: while the latter is a lot versatile for playing soloThanks to his fighting, healing and self-empowering abilities, the Prophet will be an enjoyable figure if one plans to play together. The reason behind this is a less than optimal equipment, with a short spear and a battered shield, but accompanied by powerful starting skills.

The Prophet has access to healing spells from the start of the game, allowing you to heal allied players and spirit summons almost as if he were healing himself. The spell Capture Flame lends itself very well against non-fire resistant enemies and in close combat. A good combination to implement in the case of choosing the Prophet would be to find a teammate with whom to cross the Interregnum; if, on the other hand, you want to immerse yourself in the world in complete solitude, the Confessor remains the best choice.

Elden Ring: the best classes to start

Good crossing

These were the best classes that you will be able to use since the start of Elden Ring, and which will also help you better study how to behave in this great new FromSoftware title. Hoping you can fully enjoy this brand new title, capable of overcome every barrier of videogame criticismwe refer you to our site in case you are interested in finding other new guides.

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