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Kaspersky publishes the Mobile Threats Report 2021

Kaspersky has released the new Mobile Threats Report 2021. In the new report, the company collected all data related to cyber attacks recorded on mobile devices. Kaspersky confirmed that there was a decline in the number of attacks on mobile devices during 2021. In the meantime, however, threats have become increasingly complex and, therefore, increasingly dangerous for users. Hackers are implementing very refined strategies to steal banking credentials and to steal data related to gaming and more generally personal data of users.

Kaspersky publishes the new Mobile Threats Report 2021

2021 was a good year for mobile threats. Kaspersky recorded a decline from the previous year. Attacks went from 63 million to 46 million. Experts explained this trend as a consequence of the reduced use of the lockdown to fight the pandemic.

There is not only positive news though. Kaspersky has detected more than 95,000 Trojans for mobile banking and the number of attacks carried out using this type of malware has not decreased like the others. In general, the share of Trojans, programs capable of executing commands remotely, has doubled to reach 8.8% of the total.

In Italyin addition, they have been registered 209,482 attacks overall, with a total of 28,131 users affected. The most widespread type of threat in our country is represented by adware which reaches 44% of diffusion. Behind the adware we find malware (40%) and RiskWare (15%).

To learn more, consult the Mobile Threats Report 2021.

Kaspersky’s comment

Tatyana Shishkova, Kaspersky security researcher, said: “There have certainly been fewer mobile attacks in general, but the ones detected are more complex and more difficult to intercept. Cybercriminals tend to disguise malicious apps under the guise of legitimate applications, which can often be downloaded from stores. Not to mention that, with mobile banking apps and online payments becoming more and more widespread, the chances of cybercriminals have multiplied considerably “

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