Elden Ring: the best summons

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In this new Elden Ring guide we will explain where to find the best spirit summons to use to face the fearsome bosses of the Interregnum

Even if it has been a long time since the release of the last branded masterpiece FromSoftwaremany people are still busy ad explore the immense world of the game and to face his countless dangers. Specifically, the biggest obstacles that players are finding in their path are obviously the bosses, but there are also many areas full of enemies that can put anyone in serious trouble. Fortunately for you, however, there are several ways to simplify clashes by Elden Ring, and one of them is summoning spirits.

Spirits are NPCs capable of assist you in battle in different ways and there are many different types. To help you understand which of these helpers is the best we have therefore decided to write this guide, in which we will explain where to find the best spirit summons of Elden Ring.

How to summon the spirits

Before starting to list the best spirits of Elden Ring we want to explain to you how to use summons. In fact, this mechanic will not be available from the beginning of your game, but it will need to be unlocked obtaining a particular bell. Getting hold of this item is not very difficult and luckily for you you will have well available two different methods to find it:

  • This first method is really very simple, since to get the bell you just need to teleport to the grace of the Church of Elleh immediately after receiving the power to ride Torrente from Melina. Once you reach this area you will immediately hear a voice calling you and at the entrance of the structure you will find an NPC who will give you the object you are looking for.
  • If too much time passes from obtaining Torrent the first method may no longer work, but luckily there is a valid alternative. In this case, in fact, you can find the bell for sale at the shop of the Remains of the twin virgins in the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda.

Once you get the bell you can finally take advantage of your summons, but remember that you will not be able to do it in every place. Indeed to summon spirits you will necessarily have to be near some specific altars. Fortunately these facilities they are very present throughout the Interregnum and, if you find yourself facing a tough fight, there is sure to be one nearby.

Elden Ring: the best summons

Lone Wolves – Elden Ring: the best summons

We open our article on the best evocations of Elden Ring by talking about the ashes of the Lone Wolves. This item will allow you to fight alongside you well three wolves that will attack opponents incessantly. This summoning is not particularly powerful but, given that it will be delivered to you together with the bellis perfect for those who find themselves in difficulty at the beginning of their adventure.

Elden Ring: the best summons

Knight Oleg – Elden Ring: the best summons

Now let’s move on to something more serious with the Cavaliere Oleg. Oleg is a valiant knight who wields two broadswords and it is both very resistant and powerful. The only problem with this spirit is its very high cost, given that to summon it you will have to spend a good 100PA.

Oleg is the perfect companion to take on any bossfight and potentially you can get it from the beginning of your adventure. Unfortunately, however, these ashes are hidden in the maze of the Tomb of the hero of the Acritesa very dangerous dungeon located inside the Abandoned Cemetery and to which you can only access using two stone keys. This place is full of traps, treacherous enemies, and as if that weren’t enough, Oleg’s spirit will be protected by the very dangerous boss that hides at the bottom of the grave.

Lhutel the Headless – Elden Ring: the best summons

If you are looking for a valid alternative to Oleg, then Lhutel is the one for you. This mighty headless horseman boasts a very high defense thanks to his large shield and heavy armor, he is also capable of inflicting respectable damage. In fact, Lhutel is able to use his lancia to perform both close and ranged attacks and moreover it is able to inflict deatha status capable of instantly killing most humanoid enemies.

Like Oleg, Luthel also has a high cost, given that to summon it you will need 104PA, but at least it is much easier to obtain. To find these ashes, in fact, you just have to complete the catacomb located north of the minor Mother Tree of the Wailing Peninsula. Sure, this dungeon is further away than the Acrite Hero’s Tomb, but it is also much less dangerous.

Elden Ring: the best summons

Rollo the Omens Killer – Elden Ring: the best summons

If you love to have a capable spirit by your side deal massive damage and easily throw opponents off balance, Rollo is the perfect choice for you. This lethal omen slayer is armed with two colossal cleavers that allow him to embarrass even the largest and most powerful enemies.

Considering the extreme power of Rollo the cost of 113PA to evoke it is not a problem, but unfortunately you will not be able to obtain this spirit easily at the beginning of your adventure. The ashes of the omens killer are in fact hidden a Leyndell, one of the most advanced areas of Elden Ring. Furthermore, to get the spirit it will not be enough for you to reach this remote place, but you will also have to face two fearsome bosses on the bridge that leads to the forbidden lands.

Reflected Tear – Elden Ring: the best summons

Finally, we conclude our guide to the best evocations of Elden Ring by talking about the Reflected Tear. This spirit is potentially the most powerful of the whole gameas it will allow you to summon a perfect clone of your character. The doppelganger it will take advantage of all the equipment that you will have on at the moment of the summoning and will even be able to use consumables entered in the shortcut bar.

This spirit is very powerful and gives its best when used by a character with one build that revolves around statuses such as poison or bleeding. As if that weren’t enough then summoning will not consume AP but HP, thus allowing you to exploit it even if you have not invested points in the statistic of the mind. The only downside to the Reflected Tear is its location, given that is hidden in the depths of Nokron, the Eternal City. Specifically, the ashes are inside a chest sealed by a wall of fog which is located in the cathedral protected by a large stone sphere animated.

Elden Ring: the best summons

The perfect companion

Here ends our guide to the best summons of Elden Ring. Now all you have to do is find the most suitable battle partner for you and it can be from Roderika at the Rocca della Tavola Rotonda to make it a real war machine. However, if you are interested in learning more about the game, we suggest you take a look at the others as well dedicated articles present on the site:

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