ANCMA motorcycle market in March closes with -2.9%

ANCMA, a marzo il mercato moto chiude con un -2.9% thumbnail

ANCMA (National Association of Cycle, Motorcycle Accessories) has announced the trend of the motorcycle and scooter market for the month of March, which sees an overall decline of 2.9% compared to the same month last year. In particular, scooters suffered the most (-18.3%), while the positive trend of motorcycles continued (+ 16.1%). Important data for mopeds which closed the month at + 8.1%.

As mentioned, it is the scooter segment that slows down the sector, which falls by 2.96%. However, it must be remembered that in the same month of 2021 a large order for vehicles was made by Poste Italiane, which obviously was not repeated this year. Motorcycles very well, with 14,488 vehicles registered, equal to + 16.13%, a figure that further consolidates their growth. Same goes for mopeds that return with the plus sign, with 1,642 vehicles sold, which corresponds to a convincing + 8.1%.

ANCMA, positive quarter for the motorcycle market, despite the debacles of February and March

Despite the fewer signs recorded in February and March, ANCMA points out that the motorcycle market, in the first quarter of the year, however, closed positively. In total, including motorcycles, scooters and mopeds, 64,712 vehicles were registered, which are worth + 0.23% compared to the previous year. Motorcycles are still driving the market (+ 21.38% and 32,748 vehicles registered) and mopeds that, with 4,550 pieces, also mark a double-digit increase (+ 15.75%). The trend does not change for scooters which, with 27,378 vehicles registered, show a negative sign of 18.58% when compared to the first quarter of 2021.

The electric market continues to grow, with sales of 1,486 vehicles in March, equal to an increase of 66.22% compared to March 2021. The performance of two-wheelers with zero impact is convincing also in the first quarter of 2022 which, with 3,424 vehicles registered, stands at a +67.27%.

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